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Jul 20, 2006

I got Ethered By Jeru and all I got was this lousy t-shirt · by Robbie Ettelson

What with all these blog-related ethering’s going down in recent months (shout-out to “the ethernet”), I thought I might share a recent incident along the same lines. I can only assume that the “D. Original” Dirty Rotten Scoundrel was spending a lazy afternoon Googling himself when he stumbled upon an old post I threw together late last year discussing the possibility of Jeru and Biggie having a little static. Admittedly, it was hardly the most well-researched piece of all time, basically using old magazine articles and a rumors to substantiate my claims. It proved to be one of my more popular pieces at the time, but beyond an unusually busy comments section I thought nothing else of it.

Nine or so months later, I found this comment posted:

There was never a beef between Jeru and Biggie and friend or foe is not a gangstarr diss song.If u Listen to the lyrics it about some one he grew up with in brooklyn.Primo is from Texas guru is from Boston…as Far as the Ten Crack Commadments Primo and Biggie asked Jeru could use the beat. The author of this artical dosent know what the fuck he’s talkin about. Jeru And biggie talked till the day he died,actually Jeru is one of the first people to know Biggie died when he got shoot…and guess who called him and told him??? Primo…Lil Kim has and always shouts out Jeru to this day. Ther was no finacial beef between…AfuRa never sold weed. Oh and by the why the show in canada was free for the people Jeru got paid.Robbie just because u have a computer dosent make u a journalist. Know what the fuck u talkin about before u sit in front of ur pc.Peace

Comment by Jeru the Damaja 07.17.06

I guess he doesn’t follow my Weed Carriers site. I thought it was only right to allow him the opportunity to respond with the offer to do a phone interview, but it remains to be seen whether that will eventuate. Not really sure if this counts as an “ethering” but who am I to judge? As Jeru states – “just because u have a computer dosent make u a journalist”. Good thing I’m only writing a blog then, isn’t it?

I might have to call up Mr. Ignorance and his boys for back-up on this one.


Guest blogger Robbie Ettelson is the mastermind behind Unkut and also runs the Weed Carriers blog. We hope that he remembers us in 20 years when he’s writing the liner notes for Rhino’s Def Jux box set.

Comments for "I got Ethered By Jeru and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

  1. Why that Dirty Rotten Scoundrel!

    All kidding aside his set at the ‘99 Online Hip-Hop Awards was so underwhelming I never need to see him perform live ever again.

    DJ Flash    Jul 24, 04:20 AM   
  2. I got ethered by Jeru too. Lost some respect for him cause he doesn’t seem to give a fuck about his fans.

    DJ Force    Jul 27, 08:50 AM   
  3. I got un-eithered by Jeru.

    Dude is mad humble, I was wrong.

    DJ FORCE    Aug 31, 10:22 AM   
  4. ^ That’s one to grow on.

    What’s the story behind your change of heart?

    And Flash I liked seeing Jeru live back around 96. Of course his grade a material was a little fresher then.

    I saw him open for Pre-Millenial Tension era Tricky and Vernon Reid off his first solo album. Jeru’s performance was clearly way less satisfying than the 2 sets that followed (though miles ahead of dj spooky who went before him) but was still pretty good.

    You can tell from his style that you shouldnt expect high theatrics in the live show….

    Rafi    Aug 31, 10:30 AM   
  5. Jeru has dissed Bad Boy on his own album Wrath of Math and the whole Versace shit. And Primo HIMSELF in the making of Life After Death in XXL Magazine said in “Kick in the Door” Biggie is referencing to Primo and Jeru’s relationship in his second verse in the “I’m surprised you run with them…etc..”.

    Jeru is a liar.

    — mark mero    Jun 27, 10:23 AM   
  6. That was probably some 16 year old dork who posted the comment. You think Jeru, the gifted lyricist that he is, is going to make that many stupid spelling mistakes? Get real.

    Etcher    Feb 23, 08:32 PM