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Aug 03, 2006

Get On The Pipe Instead of Goin' To Jack LaLanne · by Robbie Ettelson

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Trying to decide on which record to cover for Crack Week was a tough choice – there’s such a rich selection of material to choose from. The thing is, most of the classic cooked coke songs are preaching against the 80’s wonder-drug, unlike Funkmaster Wizard Wiz’s “Crack It Up”, which many people felt was promoting rocks. As explained in the following article from the September 1994 edition of The Source magazine (during their “Tenth Summer of Crack” special), New York radio banned the song a few months after it hit the airwaves and the track was remade with some changes to the content:

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The actual song itself is pretty entertaining, although at over seven minutes long is out-stays its welcome towards the end (stick it out and you’re rewarded with a “special message” from Wiz after the music fades out). He also includes the timeless line: “In the back seat they’ll beat your meat/until you cum like cream-o-wheat”. Needless to mention, the remake sucked compared to this brolic OG version, although I should add that neither song inspired me to go and beam up to Scotty in the same way that listening to DJ Drank’s Greatest Malt Liquor Hits makes me reach for a six-pack.

Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Crack It Up (original version) [Tuff City, 1984]

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Comments for "Get On The Pipe Instead of Goin' To Jack LaLanne"

  1. I guess I could have re-titled it myself but how do you not title this post “Lets Crack it Up” ?

    The audio and The Source story are both gold.

    Rafi    Aug 3, 01:57 PM   
  2. Makes sense, but I didn’t want to break my run of “posts titled after obscure lines from songs”.

    Robbie    Aug 3, 07:53 PM   
  3. this entry was aiiiiight lol. I’m waiting for the Finale on friday. Peep my blog, I promise its crack. No, seiously its crack.


    RD    Aug 3, 08:39 PM   
  4. I want to hear that “Bellevue Patient” track – sounds like an ode to Kool Keith!

    DJ Flash    Aug 3, 10:16 PM   
  5. Yao.

    I got inspired by yo crack shit.

    Come peep.

    ebonictronix    Aug 4, 09:31 AM   
  6. Ive been lookin for this jam since this hoe I finger popped stole my vinyl way back in the day (84?). Thanks bro. this is the shit!

    Dr Bong    Oct 8, 12:32 AM   

    FUNKMASTER WIZ    Mar 1, 10:15 PM