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Dec 18, 2006

Timberland is Dead · by R.H.S.

Wherein we alert our reader to the demise of both Timberland boots and producer Timbaland.

Timberlands are dead, dunny. The style, the brand, the product, the image, and what have you. Dead. You heard me correctly.

I’m well aware that the acclaimed wheat-colored construction Timbo hooves have been considered the official hip hop rugged winter-in-New York joints since at least 1986. Therein lies the problem. You see, rappers used to not only endorse fly kicks but also provide public service messages in the form of well-written disses directed towards brands that failed to come correct.

In the late ‘80s, Chill Rob G astutely noted the sharp decline of quality of the previously disparaged, MC Shan-endorsed Pumas on his single “Chillin’”. Doug E. Fresh bravely reenacted a shootout between a pair of Bally’s and a representative of the obnoxiously over-exposed Adidas empire. While Bally’s may not have been victorious in the long run, figuratively bucking down the classic line of All Day Indonesians Die Assembling Sneakers was just so necessary by the time Run-DMC, well on their way to self-inflicted obsolescence, premiered their ugly-ass signature shoe line.

Timberlands, to my knowledge, have rarely been subjected to negative criticism by rappers. The brand’s acclaim is almost scarily universal, surviving not only an obscenely long passage of time since its first rise to prominence among hip-hoppers but also Hilfiger-like rumors purporting that Timberland’s corporate overlords, though publicly committed to “social responsibility,” were in fact unabashedly racist.

On Show & AG’s Goodfellas LP from 1995, AG repeatedly insists that he is finished messing with Timbs and now prefers Northface, though he never gives a specific reason for making the switch. One might assume that AG was either sick of the Boston-originated, New Hampshire-headquartered brand’s stranglehold on tri-state ghetto fashion or that he simply wanted to be an innovator. Perhaps he simply had the good sense to abandon ship just before the product’s quality began to rapidly deteriorate.

In any event, the construction Timbs of the 21st Century are a shadow of their former greatness. They are less durable, less water-resistant, and their lack of flavor and relevance should be obvious enough to anyone who hasn’t recently co-starred in a vintage Das Efx video.

The uber-white Young Black Teenagers once randomly declared in Cypress Hill-paraphrasing unison “Here is Something You Can’t Understand – We Can’t Afford Timberlands!” It rings true even today. Shoddily designed, poorly crafted, leaky, clichéd boots that have largely been re-co-opted by the white hipster elite and returned to their redneck origins just aren’t worth $100.

We here at OhWord ain’t having that- get yourself a pair of Clarks-GoreTex collabo jawns and move on with your lives.

Comments for "Timberland is Dead"

  1. I havent copped a pair in over 4 years. These days, my boot of choice is the Nike ACG. Although, I’m interested to see how the Tim throwbacks the “40 Below” fares when it drops retail wise. Those joints were Invincible like Iron Man ten years ago!

    Combat Jack    Dec 18, 05:39 PM   
  2. I still have a pair I bought about 7 years ago, but I rarely wear them. My heart’s just not in it anymore.

    eauhellzgnaw    Dec 18, 06:02 PM   
  3. Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone rocking Timbs in a while. Only Lugz and some other brands. I ditched my Timbs back in 97 and caught a pair of some nice dark blue Ecko boots that I still rock.

    Jay B    Dec 18, 06:42 PM   
  4. I dunno. I haven’t rocked them in awhile, but my two pairs of timbs stand among the most durable and quality clothing items I’ve ever owned.

    Raafi    Dec 18, 08:52 PM   
  5. Timbs are still an alternative to all the bullshit kids is rocking nowadays. All this sneaker hype faggotry is the polar opposite of what rap was about. Sure you had dudes bragging and flashing but now it’s blown up too big. Grown men are acting like girls about their clothes, that’s wack no matter what music you listen to.

    Tims were like the counter to what kids who dissed and didn’t like hip hop wore, which was Doc Martens. Rap and rap culture dominates America now so Rock is truly “alternative” like it was labeled in the early 90’s. There’s no reason to defend hip hop’s honor cause it has none left. Just like you say the Timberland has been Co-Opted, Rap has been co-opted as well and now it comes out of everyone’s phones and everyone’s radios. The attitude is pretty much gone and the ruggedness with it. But I still see dudes in the hood rocking wheat and brown tims, shorties too. I doubt they will ever truly get dissed except on the internet. I can’t attest for their quality since I ain’t bought a pair since ‘97 either, my joints is still nice though. If you can get ‘em on the cheap then go for it.

    Skylar    Dec 19, 03:46 AM   
  6. my timbs have always done me well. the only qualm ive had is with keeping them clean.
    other than that, no complaints. i will be rocking timbs to the grave. havent encountered a reason not to.

    danny blakk    Dec 19, 01:41 PM   
  7. Timbs and a clean pair of fatheads (Air Force Ones) and I’m good.

    P-Matik    Dec 19, 01:49 PM   
  8. i like this website and im a member but stuff like this makes me laugh . . . its that typical elitist hip hop snob jibber jabber that cats think of to sound slick cool and cutting edge

    timbs have BEEN played for years – and anybody in the nyc area with a little toe’s worth of flavor has been known that

    but the demise of “timbs” really is just a snapshot of what is euephemistically called “hip hop culture” as a whole . . . it was fresh – it was about being different – it was about not BITING what every other cornball and idiot was doing – and that stopped a LONG time ago when hip hop leaked outside of its 5 borough borders into the bland uncreative ignorant watered down replication that it has undergone in the last ten years . . .

    killer joe    Dec 19, 05:42 PM   
  9. Killer Joe, thank you for taking the time to repudiate my completely facetious joke of a post and enlighten us with your highly original take on why hip hop just isn’t the same anymore.

    R.H.S.    Dec 20, 12:23 AM   
  10. well apparently it must’ve stund enough – because you seemed to take exception to my post and no one elses . . . i mean this whole site is kind of facetious though – right along with every other uber hipster tounge in cheek im a cooler than cool cutting edge hip hop snob – right?

    killer joe    Dec 20, 09:22 AM   
  11. I dont know where the commenters are from or their ages but I am 36. I came up in the hip-hop culture since 84 and Timberlands, the classic styles, especially construction boots are a staple. No matter what comes and goes, it is a staple. Maybe if people actually had geniune experiences, instead of thinking that “I listen to this, I wear that, I am up on those, so I must be hip-hop” this blog wouldnt be worth posting. (Love the take on DeLaSoul Is Dead artwork tho).


    JonDeus    Dec 20, 12:24 PM   
  12. Hilarious.

    This is a depressing article to me because when I read it, I was about two days away from purchasing my first-ever pair of butters.

    Oh well, I suppose they’re still worth “taking a chance” on.

    Keep up the good work, guys.

    Jacob    Dec 20, 04:01 PM   
  13. timbos aint dead!! im on the west, and aint nothin better to wear to the club than some tims and a fresh white one. thats for real…...........peep a lil nigga thats bringin it back to that timbos, fatigues, and backwards hats era…

    Westside byrd gang    Dec 21, 06:45 PM   
  14. If you are jumpin off ‘timbaland’, don’t go to North Face, you will still be behind the old school climbers who still have some ‘face’ hidden in their closets(like me!) and all the suburban girls wearing Denali jackets at the mall…Get ahead of the curve.

    ches    Feb 16, 10:45 AM   

    $killz_d@_hu$tla    Jul 12, 01:48 AM   
  16. Clarks-GoreTex?? Na, chill.

    Incilin    Jul 12, 01:53 PM   
  17. You sure AG wasn’t talking about NORTH LAKEs? The great North Lake vs. North Face mixup is prevalent in lots of mid ’90s tracks.

    — douchebaggybag    Sep 7, 09:12 PM   
  18. TIMS and HOODS check.
    strapped witha SMIF AND WESSON

    — ktc    Oct 26, 07:31 PM   
  19. wat the fuck yall niggaz talkin bout. Tims still the shit. Straight buttas. If you rockin ecko and northface just shutup and sit down. keep it hood.

    chops    Nov 5, 01:01 AM   
  20. I can’t really say shit about the quality of Tim’s-Cuz I’ve never owned a pair. I couldnt afford that shit,even then.Where I’m from we rocked what NY peoples would call “Construction Tims”.But I guess I’m not as fashion-concious being from the west…I rock jeans and a white Tee..AF1’s in the summer,Boots in the winter…What else do you need?? And for what??

    Stereotype    Nov 22, 12:53 AM   
  21. I’ve never been a huge boot fan in general, however if I was to purchase a pair, it would be an easy choice of a nice pair of Clark Wallee’s. I always proffered those. I’m more of a Classic Vans, namely the Half-Cab and Old School, and Nike SB Blazer’s. Both High and Low. Check those sneakers out. A proper option.

    Self-Ed.    Dec 19, 11:35 PM   
  22. I know it’s totally un-hip hop but I have always rocked black doc martins as my boot of choice. I ditched Timbs after 98.

    Jason    Mar 16, 03:45 AM   
  23. Downtown Newark got the 3/4 40 belows (Black)....OOOOOOW! Plus A Solo’s iz makin’ a Come back….Catch up witcha kind

    Tube LVR    Nov 9, 12:53 AM   
  24. I’ve owed nine pairs of timberlands, and none of them were comfortable. I’m 32 now and it’s not just about style. I rock Nike ACG’s nowadays. I keep it simple. Stylish and most of all comfortable. In Maryland, buttas are $139plus tax. More than when I wore them in the mid-late 90’s. I don’t think so. God bless you all and stay up!

    Young4life    Dec 7, 08:15 PM   
  25. My girl told me they’re out of style and threatened to throw them away….so I hid them. I just can’t let go :(

    FreshNerd    Dec 7, 09:07 PM   
  26. what the fuck. who gives a fuck if shits “in style” if you like it rock it if not shut the fuck up. i like what some said about rappers being like women abou theyre clothes now. totally agree. fuck these clothes i see kids wearin lokin like a rainbow

    rob    Jan 10, 12:27 AM   
  27. I may be a couple years late to this thread, but it doesn’t matter… my opinion still stays… Timbs will never die in NYC. LIke dude said they are staples, and to paraphrase another 90’s staple, the brothers SMif’n‘Wessun: I rock Timbs in all seasons for ass kicking reasons. I’ll still be out in july with my boots stomping your face in. ot trying to get blood on a pair of crispy new kicks and shit, nah’mean?

    Sted Ruckus    Jan 17, 12:58 PM   
  28. Besides all those whack ass colors and styles Timberland introduced after 95, the basic wheat 6in is a staple like the Converse chuck. There is alot of factors for the death of Timberland, cant wear in the club, poor craftmanship, bootleggers and carbon copys sold by the Arabs. I know in Philly, we still rock a good pair of dark browns or honey dipped 6in from Footlocker any day of the week.

    soolphillyfoot    May 8, 10:57 PM   
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    asd12345    Aug 1, 08:07 PM   
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    wind    Aug 12, 11:29 PM   
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