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Dec 24, 2006

Gifts for Lupe · by Sach O

Clearly not a fan of this err…painting.

It’s not as if I was planning to post on Christmas Eve but then Lupe Fiasco gave me a good reason to. For those of you who don’t want to trudge through Okayplayer’s shitty interface; it seems that Mr. Fiasco is the latest rapper to have taken umbrage to Nas’ claim that Hip-Hop is dead. More specifically, Lupe’s mad at Nas’ accusations that current rappers don’t know their history and are ruining the art form. Considering Lupe admitted to not knowing a single word off Midnight Marauders (much less owning it) in this same post, one can assume that his favorite rapper’s words struck a raw nerve. He later went on to defend his puzzling rejection of having a decent record collection by claiming that Tribe was not “his old school” and that his lack of parental and fraternal exposure to certain records excuses him from being ignorant and closed minded.

Well allow me to retort.

First of all, it’s absolutely impossible to avoid exposure to A Tribe Called Quest’s second and third records. Anyone who’s gone to any Hip hop show in the past 10 years knows that DJs play those joints constantly. I’m 3 years younger than Lupe and it’s not like I grew up on the group but somewhere along the line I heard a dope record and copped the discography. Second of all, in the era of Albumbase and Soulseek, you’d think that rappers would have all of this shit on their I-Pod whether paid for or not. Lupe’s (terrible) excuse is that he was never exposed to Tribe, yet in the same thread he lists Johnny Cash as an old artist he’s bumping. Now I don’t claim to know the man’s family but I’d have to assume that the same people bumping The Geto-Boys and Spice 1 (“his” old school) weren’t the ones who introduced him to the man in black. Combined with his affinity for name dropping yuppie approved acts like Chick Corea and Pink Floyd, it seems that Lupe shockingly has the ability to learn about older music even if he didn’t hear it as a kid! As long as it’s not hip hop anyways, if it is that’s too much for poor Lupe’s mind to grasp I guess. Third of all, the very foundations of Hip Hop have always hinged on young talent flipping old records in new and dynamic ways. If we’ve gotten to a point where emcees don’t even want to bump records they know are considered important and classic because they’re not cool then its time to take Nasir Jones’ quotes at face value and cremate what’s left of this thing.

However, it is Christmas and I’m in a giving mood (not just giving shit either) so I’ve decided to help Lupe get out of Newjack city. Here’s an Amazon wishlist of some records I think Lupe might enjoy listening to. Now as I was saying, I’m pretty young myself and I understand that not EVERY supposed classic really stands the test of time or translates to a new generation. That said, there are a lot of incredibly bumpable rap records out there and it might do Lupe well to hear them before making his next album. Some of you may still be looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Robot-obsessed rapper and Amazon has quick delivery so act now and buy these records for Lupe!

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders
First thing’s first. Let’s get Lupe a copy of the Tribe’s most accessible record. The kid seems to have trouble merging what the streets expect of him and real personality: let Tip and Phife show him how it’s done.

De La Soul – De La Soul is dead
The perfect blend of street reporting and geeky humor, this record could have been first one the list considering these guys should be Lupe’s unparalleled role models. Repeat after me Lu: chill on the overdramatic soul beats…

Black Sheep – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Hell, why not make it a Native Tongues 3 for 3? These bad boys may be not be the best of role models but they’re clever and would probably give Fiasco a noogie in the hallway.

KMD – Mr Hood
Lupe recently discovered MF Doom and is freaking out, so I figured getting him the man’s first record with his crew KMD might make for a good gift. Here’s to hoping that Lupe gets dropped from his record label, goes insane and comes back as a BAPE rocking Venom or some shit.

Main Source – Breakin Atoms
Just read my review and you’ll know why Lupe needs this in his life. Plus it’s got his favorite rapper Nasty Nas’ first guest appearance threatening to snuff Jesus in a line that’ll probably scare the shit out of our listener.

Gangstarr – Step in the Arena
The pinnacle of rough beats and street smart rhymes; Gang Starr can instruct Lupe on how to “not be a bitch” without demeaning himself or his values.

Biz Markie – Goin Off
You wouldn’t know it from Food and Liquor, but Lupe has a fun side to him. Let Biz show him that it’s ok to show it off on his albums instead of hiding it on mixtapes.

Big Daddy Kane – Long live the Kane
Lupe’s listening to Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly and digs Too $hort so let’s get him the ultimate lyrical pimp record. If anything this’ll show him that he’ll have to do a lot more than he’s doing now if he’s planning on impressing anyone lyrically.

Brand Nubian – One for All
Funky, danceable and militant all at once, the God’s are here to prove to Lupe that if you’re going to elevate black youth, you can’t do it with Linkin Park beats and giant robots.

Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded
Finally, KRS-ONE’s debut is proof positive that even the wisest of teachers has to have lived through what he’s talking about to have any authority.

With these records in his stockings, I’m sure Lupe will have a VERY merry Christmas.

Comments for "Gifts for Lupe"

  1. “Here’s to hoping that Lupe gets dropped from his record label, goes insane and comes back as a BAPE rocking Venom or some shit.”

    Possibly the dopest idea in the past several years.

    Train    Dec 24, 04:13 PM   
  2. “She like it from behind, slow grind, sometimes with her feet up
    Ms. Bonitta Applebum Bottom, thick as a Roman column”

    trife da god knows whats up

    Ramon    Dec 24, 06:31 PM   
  3. hahahah, great post

    JunSri    Dec 24, 07:31 PM   
  4. Lupe obviously learned nothing from his XXL guest blogging experience. Here’s an idea – stop wasting time justifying yourself on the internet and get back to the lab.

    Robbie    Dec 24, 09:45 PM   
  5. shit. if this nigga doesn’t know ONE FUCKING WORD OFF OF MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS, i am justified in my hate for him. fucking bitchmade muslim.

    khal    Dec 25, 02:59 AM   
  6. So… I had to wikipedia to confirm Lupe’s age – he’s three year’s older than me, yet I feel as if I grew up off ATCQ? I know that I didn’t experience it with the sound mind I have now, but I think I just assumed (of that age) that we all grew up as Native Tongues babies.

    I’ll remain confused on the Midnight Marauders comment.

    The usual good post, even taking Lupe out of the equation it rings true when trying to take some of my peers serious.

    jimminy    Dec 25, 03:52 AM   
  7. maaaaan, even i know midnight marauders! i’m up out this bitch!

    lupe's left '93 air max    Dec 25, 01:30 PM   
  8. Heh

    I’m not really surprised Loopy never copped or listened to that Tribe joint. Son’s rhymes is complex and they flow and shit but if you look at some of the stupid shit he rhymes about and is obsessed with, combined with the stupid people he associates with, you get a dude who fronts like he’s here to save the culture but really ain’t even up on it to begin with. I got his shit, I gave him a listen, but I simply don’t give a fuck about his career. So many overhyped rappers these days. Gimme some old shit.

    Skylar    Dec 26, 06:47 PM   
  9. I can figure this kid out either, but here’s the thing….if it’s between him and Young (fill in the blank here) or Lil (fill in the blank here), or any other cRapper making songs about White Tees or Laffy Taffies, what would we pick? I’d rather deal with Lupe and educate him than try to communicate with the Ying Yang Twinz (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

    Hip Hop will never die as long as youngsters like you keep the old school alive…

    Uncle $ticky    Dec 26, 08:58 PM   
  10. ^^^^

    This argument sucks. Why would it ever have to be between Lupe and the Lils and Youngs? Though great rap albums are a dying breed, there is no shortage of interesting lyricists, MCs, producers.

    Lupe needs to shut up and get his shit together. Perhaps going back and familiarizing himself with the older rap from which he so desperately wants to dissociate himself would do him some good. In fact, he and Breihan can have a classic rap listening session and do a team blog about it.

    By the way, I thought Gossipingbitches was gone for good. Nice to see them still at it:

    eauhellzgnaw    Dec 26, 11:35 PM   
  11. He’s bullshitting by trying to appeal to baby boomers and gangsters while shitting on the positive rap he’s spitting.

    He’s more Tribe than Nas. Who is he fooling?

    Pink Floyd fans ain’t buying your shit Lupe and apparently no one else is.

    start snitching    Dec 27, 01:47 AM   
  12. Good call on the Black Sheep album. I picked it up and I gotta say DAMN! Wolf in Sheeps Clothing just became my favorite Native Tongue tape.

    I thought Lupe was like 18. To be 25 and say Tribe’s past his time? Just pathetic.

    Arsene T. Mwez    Dec 27, 02:43 AM   
  13. i don’t get it. how can he even try and talk about hip-hop’s status if he doesn’t know where it came from? how can you say hip-hop ain’t dead if you don’t know what it is.

    i don’t even want to come across as some tribe-lovin’, nativetongues-nostalgic, golden-era head cus i’m not. i’m 22 years old and only fell deep into this when i was 17.

    what my argument for the hip-hop naysayers always is, is that hip-hop MADE me into a digger. i listen to pink floyd and johnny cash now, because hip-hop made me want to learn more about music.

    good call on the de la and KMD- that’s the epitome of early nerd-rap, should be right up his alley.

    Anupa    Dec 27, 11:26 AM   
  14. Isn’t it sad when The Game, roughly a year or 2 older than Lupe, knows more about hip hop history than the cat who is down with Kanye, Jay and Pharrell—3 millionaire hip hop geeks? Shit, “Compton” on the Game album is Will.I.Am playing the melody to “Stakes is High” on the rhodes and he has that other joint where Just Blaze just jacks the “Black Steel.”

    I’m a fan of Lupe’s but it seems he’s hellbent on showing people how cultured and different he is than most backpackers/thugs/skatboarders/hipsters. It’s OK to be about hip hop when you yourself ARE DOING HIP HOP! It’s cool to expand your horizon and listen to UNKLE, Coldplay, Johnny Cash, etc. But if your dayjob is to be an MC and you’ve never listened to Black Moon, KRS, Tribe, etc. you fucked up.

    Rap Jack Bauer    Dec 27, 01:37 PM   
  15. Also real quick…

    Sacha brought up a great point about catching up later on hip hop classics via iTunes, Soul Seek, etc.

    Lupe is clearly a huge internet head who has his own blog, updates MySpace and posts on forums. If he never listened to Tribe or De La or Black Sheep or whoever, why not download those albums for free? Or, since he runs 2-3 business, go inside a local Best Buy and pick up a copy? I’m sure he has $30 to spend on classic hip hop albums instead of robot toys or trendy zip-ups. But again, I think he relishes in the fact that he isn’t the “average hip hop head” and his favorite Nas album isn’t “Illmatic.”

    Rap Jack Bauer    Dec 27, 01:42 PM   
  16. ^The thing that pisses me off is that he makes it seem like a chore. I don’t catch up on records out of obligation to some lost Hip Hop God or to be snarky on this blog (honestly). I do it because I keep discovering great records that I never heard and it’s FUN.

    Lupe makes it seem like bumping a Tribe record would be a pain in the ass which is a backwards ass attitude. And ironically he’s doing it as Pharell is trying to give him beats that recall an old vibe (more or less succesfully)

    Sach    Dec 27, 02:06 PM   
  17. Uhm I don’t see nothing wrong with Lupe not knowing the words…yes he is a rapper but if you knew his background you would understand he wasn’t into rap until later in his life…he didn’t even hear illmatic to after it was written so maybe yall should calm down a bit and jump off nas tip a bit and stop always being to nas defense i love nas too but that dont mean ima jump down lupes throat cuz he doesnt know words to that song and isnt a fan of a tribe called quest everyone isnt the same everyone isnt a fan of the same music so hes justified to be upset

    Me    Dec 27, 03:00 PM   
  18. so im guessing this is the WE HATE LUPE gathering of the week…lets make it simple…i don’t give a fuck about how many tribe album dude has in his collection, becuase regardles, he dropped a top 5 album in 2006…point blank

    S Dot    Dec 27, 03:49 PM   
  19. Once again, superfans miss the point.

    Only 1 person cared that Lupe doesn’t know the words to the songs on Midnight Marauders (and that person used the phrase “bitch made Muslim”). Nobody with sense cares that he wasn’t exposed to MM or Illmatic when he was younger. Because of the sheer volume of quality rap during the period, we all have our blind spots. But the only way a rap fan could miss these particular benchmarks would be if he actively avoided them—and that sucks. How are you supposed to be open-minded with respect to music if you refuse to listen to classic albums? The attitude that it’s cool to seek out past exemplars of rock, but doing so for rap is unnecessary and regressive is part of the reason that the current younger BET and MTV fans don’t know any rap beyond 7 years ago.

    Lupe’s desire to paint himself as “different” has become absurd. To be honest, I don’t even believe that he hasn’t heard Midnight Marauders. His stubborn denial basically amounts to “I wasn’t influenced by the Native Tongues style. I am more eclectic than that. I like hardcore stuff too!” Given how far Little Brother got by trumpeting their unabashed Native Tongues influence, I understand Lupe’s motivation. The fact that it’s so transparent and calculated is what burns me.

    Oh yeah, criticism does not = blind hatred. I don’t hate Lupe; I’m indifferent to him. All I know about him is that hipsters and young okayplayers love him, his album flopped, and he sucks live.

    eauhellzgnaw    Dec 27, 07:15 PM   
  20. Why is it so hard to believe that he hasnt heard the album and that it is some conspiracy…A Tribe Called Quest were never that known outside the hip-hop community, and Lupe obv wasnt hugely influenced by old-school rap when he was younger

    S Dot    Dec 28, 01:30 AM   
  21. “Considering Lupe admitted to not knowing a single word off Midnight Marauders (much less owning it)”

    Damn, even I know parts of that album, and I’m only 14

    Rah-Love    Dec 28, 01:32 AM   
  22. Tribe wasn’t that known outside of hip-hop? Who knew, the huge Lollapalooza tour of ‘94 didn’t expose them? I know kids much younger than Lupe that can sing right along to the lyrics of ‘Check The Rhime’ and many other a tribe ditty.

    Perhaps if he didn’t spend 6 months crafting his shout-out track, and studied his hip-hop more than his streetwear boutiques and scene-fucking, hipster co-horts, maybe he’d garner some respect.

    Funnier yet is that corny ass song ‘Kick, Push’ talking about some chick that skates and knows spots he doesn’t know, and kids rocking Nike SB’s and Spitfire shirts, being I skated for years and never met a hot chick that skated, much less knew unknown skatespots…Ummm, that half makes me wanna throw-up, contrived to the fullest, yo.

    Challah at yer bwoy.

    midnightheory    Dec 28, 02:01 AM   
  23. midnighttheory, you beat me to it, right down to lollapalooza ‘94.

    Has this kid ever heard of an obscure little song called “Scenario?”

    eauhellzgnaw    Dec 28, 02:09 AM   
  24. i still don’t get why its such a big deal? Does the fact that he didnt hear the album take away from his talent or make his album any less great?No. If you think otherwise, in your out in the cold, cause even the most close-minded hip-hop fans can appreciate what Lupe is bringing to the game.

    S Dot    Dec 28, 04:26 AM   
  25. S Dot:

    It’s not a big deal that he’s never listened to Tribe or any other Native Tongue albums.

    It’s a big deal that he champions his taste in other music (Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Coldplay) while knocking “Hip Hop is Dead” for calling out hip hoppers for not respecting the heritage—the culture, the greats who did it before you, etc. He himself is then guilty of that in that respect.

    No one’s saying that you have to know, study and be able to recite word for word a list of sacred hip hop albums to be an MC or put out an album. But what me and Sach are mad at (I’m assuming) is that when Lupe says “I don’t like Illmatic” or “I never listened to Tribe” or “I discovered MF Doom on Okayplayer last year” or “I only listen to jazz,” he’s drawing a line in the sand between himself, other MC’s and hip hop fans. “I’m here over here, y’all are over there.”

    Sach is dead on when he said that Lupe gives off this vibe like it’s a chore to listen to Tribe. Again, this is all speculation, but it seems like Lupe’s more interested in being thought of as having cool taste than being a hip hopper. “Oh I never listened to that backpacker undergroud dude MF Doom until someone on Okayplayer linked me to DangerDoom. Oh, I don’t need Premier or Kanye on my next album, I want Pink Floyd. Oh, everyone loves Tribe but I like Coldplay.”

    I’m sure us internet geeks have all read tons of interviews where MC’s list some of their influences/favorite artists. I’ve heard 50 Cent say he really loves Kweli and Nina Simone. I’ve heard Redman say he loves Lenny Kravitz. Kanye loves Portishead and Fiona Apple. But all of them dudes didn’t go out of their way to say that they DIDN’T get down or listen to certain classic hip hop records whereas Lupe, for better or worse, sounds as if he wants us to know off the bat that hip hop takes a backseat in his iPod.

    Rap Jack Bauer    Dec 28, 10:23 AM   
  26. Pardon my disjointed responses. That said, what I would like to know is…Who the fuck says he’s THAT talented, or GREAT for that matter? What exactly is he BRINGING TO THE GAME, tell us S.Dot?

    Maybe I’ve missed something…He’s not breaking new ground as an emcee whatsoever, he’s no Rakim, certainly no Nas or Q-tip…I’ll give dude there’s a couple dope tracks on his record, to be fair.

    Unfortunately where I work we bump Lupe’s record regularly, and sure as shit every time I get to that shout out track, I wanna vomit backwards and pull my hair out simultaneously, because it’s the epitome of what’s wrong with contemporary hip-hop, all about misappropriating some bullshit aesthetic, mind you, an aesthetic birthed and truly lived by the same people whose contributions he chooses to ignore!

    We also play a far better record regularly—the Murs and 9th Wonder record which I’d rather listen to 10 times out of 10 when asked…

    The problem with him not listening to or citing those groups he was “too late” for or “missed,” is that if you’re currently residing in a neighborhood they once ruled, don’t front like you’re ignorant to them just so you can tip groups like Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Chick Correa—far from obscure and far from making him some sort of elitist-musohead, face stuck in the pages of NME or Mojo. See Dangermouse for a hip-hop cat that really, really knows his music p’s and q’s.

    It’s more like, Lupe you’re ignorant to this segment of hip-hop because you’re ignorant, don’t make it seem as if it’s for some “I was at a much more evolved plane in my sonic realm at that time, son.”

    Fuck-all, I’m done…

    midnightheory    Dec 28, 11:58 AM   
  27. That Murs/9th record is quite overrated, even underground heads admit that both vocally and sonically the album gets tiresome quick

    S Dot    Dec 28, 06:42 PM   
  28. Loop doesn’t love hip hop. He loves action figures and $500 hoodies and acting like a skaterapper. Dude’s album was aight but I co-sign, son is not strong at a live show and I got zero time for rappers who think they’re too cool to pick up a Tribe joint. Fuck it.

    PS it was definitely addressed, but Tribe did indeed not only break out of hip hop and touch mad kids who otherwise wasn’t down, but they also turned mad kids onto hip hop for life. I doubt Lupe’s record could do that.

    Skylar    Dec 29, 07:32 AM   
  29. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what Lupe listens to. Alls I know is that ATCQ’s Midnite Mauraders is a classic just on the album cover alone. When that shit dropped (when I was in the music biz), I was blown away by how many hip hop heads were posted on the artwork. Definitely one of the best Hip Hop album covers of all time!

    Combat Jack    Dec 29, 05:02 PM   
  30. Summary: Lupe tries too hard.

    Train    Dec 30, 02:55 PM   
  31. Nah, really, I didn’t know Lupe said this, and well isn’t ashamed (I can never gather the energy to read Okayplayer). Yes, it is possible for some not to know the words to any songs off Midnight Marauder, surely he’s heard the record, surely. I don’t think a hip hop culture maven (or fairweather rap fan) could have gone lo these 15 or so years and not have at least heard it. I suppose he took the long way ‘round to tell us he wasn’t a big Tribe fan growing up. He fantazised himself pushing weight with Too Short, but grew up and found out he wasn’t hard enough? Cool.

    Dangermouse? BAH! come on, do better than that mate. Count Bass D for a REAL hip hop cat who knows music backwards and forwards.

    Gandalf Mantooth    Dec 31, 05:41 AM   
  32. Excellent post Sacha.

    I may even forgive you for the 30+ is middle aged comment you made in the review of Hip-Hop is dead.

    djwiz1    Jan 2, 10:34 AM   
  33. I mentioned Dangermouse, because when I interviewed him prior to the grey album dropping his scope on music caught me a bit by surprise, talking about Elephant 6 bands and other tidbits you wouldn’t expect a hip-hop producer to cite.

    He worked for quite a bit in a record store in Athens, GA,(a town known for supporting good music) with a bunch of indie know-it-alls, and if you don’t think he knows his music, you’re sorely mistaken.

    And, yeah, I love Count Bass as well, I know he knows his music too. Anyhow mate, this isn’t a pissing contest, is it?


    midnightheory    Jan 2, 04:50 PM   
  34. Dangermouse is one of my favorite producers this decade but he’s not very good at Hip Hop at all. His beats just don’t work with flat rapper cadences (Jay-Z, Doom, Sage Francis) and it comes out a lot better with melodic vocalists (Cee-Lo, Jemini, Damon Albarn). Now two of those people are rappers mind you, but you get my point.

    He’s much better at alt-pop to me, I’m surprised he broke out as a rap producer in the first place.

    Sach    Jan 2, 05:06 PM   
  35. Yeah, I see your point, and I suppose that’s what makes a horse race. I even see what you’re saying above, but, vocals or not—if the Dangermouse & Jemini record isn’t “good hip-hop,” or a really well-produced, straight-up hip-hop record, I’m not sure I’ve ever known one. He was doing beat-driven, downtempo shit, more akin to hip-hop first. He went by the name Pelican City and it was very much in the vein of Portishead-ish stuff, so I think the transition to hip-hop was very nautral. Now if you’re saying the guy’s a bit all over the place, and his more recent hip-hop shit isn’t stellar, then we can agree there. Some projects just mesh better than others, duly noted.

    Anyway, we’re way off topic…Back to crucifying Lupus Fiascus.

    midnightheory    Jan 2, 07:20 PM   
  36. Your list took me back. I’m 30, so I get depressed looking at the list and thinking about how I used to get the cassettes (yup) w/ my piddlyshit allowance. I had to repurchase Brand Nubian, Paid in Full and Fear of a Black Planet on CD.


    gatamala    Jan 10, 04:20 PM   
  37. I never seen such a long list of ignorant hate before. To me, it doesn’t take anything away from Lupe as an artist that he hasn’t heard Midnight Marauders (although the album is dope, nonetheless). Lupe was obviously inspired by MC’s like Nas and listened to their ablums like crazy, just like it seems that Nas listened to and studied Rakim. Lupe is learning off those who learned from others.

    Its like with film, which has been existing for over a century. No one really demands that new sick directors are up on every film for the 40s,50s, and 60s. They may have just been huge fans of Coppola and Scorsese—who were fans of that earlier material. Knowing all this work from every decade is left to the historians. Cause that’s what you have: the historians and the artists, and they are rarely the same. The historians, and in this case the hip-hop “historians” probably have the biggest knowledge of material, but are not necessarily producing their own work and furthering the artform. Maybe if Lupe took the time to get up on every hip-hop CD he would never have time to write his own material and spend time in the studio developing his craft. It seems like we could accept a director who only ever saw ‘The Godfather’ and studied it and studied it and ended up making his own sick films.

    Let the work breath on its own. Lupe is obviously a ridiculously MC, one of the sickest most complex hip-hop poets in the game. He’s furthering hip-hop with his music and is obviously part of the movement as a whole and has been influenced by many MC’s who were influenced by earlier MC’s. I don’t see how you can hate on him for that reason; he obviously must know something about hip-hop to be able to deliver the calaber of lyrics he’s delivering. I don’t think anyone should care even if “It Was Written” was the only album he had ever heard. Cause you could possibly learn more from that record by listening to it again and again then browsing through 100 other rap albums. And hip-hop is a form of poetry—which has roots centuries ago. No one’s condeming Lupe for not being up on his Shakespeare or Lord Byron. No, he’s making incredible music of his day, and pushing hip-hop in gold directions and giving it life.


    P.L.    Jan 23, 02:53 PM   
  38. P.L. wrote “I never seen such a long list of ignorant hate before.”

    Are you unfamiliar with Stormfront?

    David    Jan 23, 07:17 PM   
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  40. Timely Re-up!

    rafi    Oct 10, 09:55 PM   
  41. Simply put, he is a wack iRobot ass nigga!!

    Frank Holcolmb FBI    Oct 11, 07:05 PM   
  42. This is 300% funnier now that Lupe HAS finally discovered the magic of Tribe, seeing as he was part of the tribute to them on Hip Hop Honors ’07 and all.

    yoyo    Oct 11, 11:58 PM   
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