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Dec 29, 2006

In 07 I want to hear a rap album that... · by Sach O

Doesn’t talk about guns or drug sales.

Doesn’t complain about the state of rap. Not even once.

Isn’t afraid to be funny and crack jokes.

Isn’t about spoiled multi-millionaires with nothing to say.

Doesn’t constantly reference brand names.

Isn’t burdened by an excess of tough-talk.

Isn’t pussified and self-consciously preachy and neutered either.

Is full of dope innovative beats forming a cohesive whole

Doesn’t feature a rapper turning his life into an epic saga

Features danceable songs without desperately trying for a club hit.

Features musical experiments…but only successful ones.

Is lyrically adept and uses words that aren’t on every other rap album

Is insular in scope and not overly concerned by the rest of the industry.

Features a variety of interesting topics.

Is fun for a change.

Rappers…get to work.

Comments for "In 07 I want to hear a rap album that..."

  1. “Doesn’t talk about guns or drug sales.” OB4CL2 is out

    JunSri    Dec 29, 05:35 PM   
  2. The title of the post refers to what I want to hear from one single album.

    I’ll gladly accomdate a number of other albums with that stuff assuming I get ONE that fills those requirements.

    Sach    Dec 29, 05:38 PM   
  3. You know what I want in ‘07? A million dollars.

    dronkmunk    Dec 29, 06:16 PM   
  4. That’s unpossible.

    babu    Dec 29, 06:28 PM   
  5. Timbaland

    I can see those three sort of filling your needs.

    Joe    Dec 29, 07:03 PM   
  6. now that common is working with, it’s the fashion industry that should be worried in 2007—i can’t wait until they try to out-argyle one another when they share the stage at the next mtv event.

    d-luv    Dec 29, 07:25 PM   
  7. doesn’t 2006’s PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIR’S ‘STEPFATHER’ LP meet that criteria?

    extra p that sat by the door    Dec 29, 08:47 PM   
  8. This is hopefully what my album will be like (except I do reference the whole Hip Hop is Dead thing on one song).

    I’ll keep ya posted!

    Colin C.    Dec 29, 10:06 PM   
  9. Timbaland fails on the vocabulary and interesting topics conditions.

    Kanye fails on the epic saga condition.

    Common fails on the pussified preachy condition.

    PUTS complains about the state of rap too much.

    As far as I can tell, the ones who have a shot are Monch, MURS (if he drops an album), Camp Lo, Can Ox (if Vast decides to drop his lame battle raps).

    But the albums I’m most interested in fail on a few of those counts.

    eauhellzgnaw    Dec 30, 12:14 AM   
  10. Devin has an album coming out and I think he’s your best bet.

    Rafi    Dec 30, 12:34 AM   
  11. Post wasn’t really a demand for folks to propose potential nominees; not that I don’t appreciate the feedback. I’m sadly aware that I wrote down a list of relatively impossible (possibly contradictory?) features for a modern rap album. It was more of a general challenge to our common perception of what rap can be in 2007 than anything I expect a current artist to release.

    I believe it can be done, but if and when it does, it’ll be from someone completely new. I’m sure I’ll enjoy releases from the artists mentioned this year. But this is what I’m waiting for in music in a larger, historical sense at this point.

    Heh, this is why I usually write long-ass rants instead of brief shit: it all ends up in the comments anyways.

    Sach    Dec 30, 01:12 AM   
  12. redman with the right producers could do it

    Ramon    Dec 30, 01:21 AM   
  13. > Heh, this is why I usually write long-ass rants instead of brief shit: it all ends up in the comments anyways.

    I liked this post’s style. It was more effective than a rant.

    Rafi    Dec 30, 01:22 AM   
  14. i like to rant, effectively, or not. “mr. koch, how i’m doooing???”

    midnightheory    Dec 30, 04:17 AM   
  15. I agree! Hip-Hop ain’t fun, is barely intelligent or innovative (see E-40), nor does it give back to the communities (read ‘hoods) that spawned it. Keep hope, true believers, it ’s making a come back, tho’ with Snoop, Jay-Z, Nas, The good Dr. Dre, Game, and Luda’, we gon’ be alright…commercially that is. Now, if u really want all that for X-mas, keep your ear to the street and listen to underground music..and, for crissakes, TURN OFF THE RADIO (read Payola, look into it.)!



    Ironic1    Dec 30, 01:18 PM   
  16. I hope for that every time I crack open a new MP3 file. Oh well.

    start snitching    Dec 30, 01:57 PM   
  17. I nominate Game Theory for 2006s contribution under the above criteria
    P.S. Props to whoever threw the Vietnam & ODB tracks on the holiday playlist. Held me down like free lunch all week in Vegas. BUT for all the South jocking you guys did on there its criminal that Z Ro “Continue 2 Roll” was left off. (Check the album)

    BkBomber    Dec 30, 02:09 PM   
  18. Who’s that in the picture udnerneath

    “Isn’t pussified and self-consciously preachy and neutered either.”

    SausageInMyAss    Dec 30, 02:55 PM   
  19. So now we’re South jockers? Is that a fucking joke?

    R.H.S.    Dec 30, 07:02 PM   
  20. In ‘07, Fab 5 Freddy will finally remove his shades to reveal that he is an extra-terrestrial.

    Jay B    Dec 31, 01:59 AM   
  21. Oh Word? Fair enough. 5/19 might be unfair to qualify as jocking (which i dont believe is necessarily a derogatory term) I was just using the commentary as a platform to promote “Still Livin.” Which was also put on heavy rotation in the pod. Not kidding.

    Bkbomber    Dec 31, 05:49 AM   
  22. Music which “isn’t pussified”?

    I’d think that misogyny would also count as pretty cliche.

    Iorek    Jan 1, 03:59 PM   
  23. I happen to be a fan of misogyny myself. If I had to choose between misogyny and pussification I’d go with misogyny.

    R.H.S.    Jan 1, 09:57 PM   
  24. For 2006: Louis Logic and J.J. Brown’s Misery Loves Comedy fits those criteria. It really just depends on whether you like Logic’s rhyming style and J.J. Brown’s beats. Even as a fan of Logic’s previous work, it took a few listens for the album to grow on me, but it did—and there are few albums this innovative.

    DC    Jan 2, 12:52 PM   
  25. Actually, there is plenty of conscious rap…but it doesn’t sell to the mainstream.

    Violence sells.
    Sex sells.
    Bling sells.
    Video ho’s sell.

    Conscious messages that contain none of the above don’t in this materialistically wealthy, yet spiritually bankrupt, culture.

    Remember, ratings and sales are the way a true capitalistic democracy votes.

    JJ    Jan 2, 02:22 PM   
  26. “I happen to be a fan of misogyny myself. If I had to choose between misogyny and pussification I’d go with misogyny.”

    I basically agree – hardcore rap is one of the last bastions of real-world manhood in the post-feminist dating apocalypse. And so do millions of women – who all love the macho thugs portrayed in rap.

    BEV    Jan 2, 02:26 PM   
  27. I don’t walk around bumping Wildflower or Necro all day but I will say this. Rap without agression is most often an exercise in emptiness. Even Tribe and De La Soul had a swagger which seperated them from say, PM Dawn.

    My comment on “pussification” wasn’t a diss against women. It was a diss on boring milktoast rap ala Foreign Exchange. I ain’t want none of that in 07.

    Sach    Jan 2, 02:48 PM   
  28. devin the dude is a good candidate although he loves to smoke weed n rap about it

    otherwise, his music is always comedic and fun n just about everything on your list

    zee    Jan 3, 12:04 AM   
  29. Devin is the shit, but his production is holding him back. Dre is probably not going to produce an entire album for him, but I would love to hear him do a whole album with some funky but polished production: J Zone, Organized Noize, or someone like that (and the Primo beat for “Doobie Ashtray” was a nice curveball).

    eauhellzgnaw    Jan 3, 05:14 PM   
  30. have you checked out The Streets?

    thaite    Jan 5, 02:56 AM   
  31. ^ Banned

    R.H.S.    Jan 5, 03:19 AM   
  32. In my opinion, every single De La Soul album fits the bill… What do they have 7 at this point? The Grind Dates passes with flying colors.

    joshuafrankel    Jan 8, 05:29 PM   
  33. De La Soul albums 1-3 are the kind of stuff I’m going for. Loved Stakes is High in a different way and I’m a relative fan of their later work, but its lacks the energy and fun of 3 Feet High, De La is Dead and Buhloon Mindstate.

    Incidentally, I may have found a relatively strong contender. Not nearly as innocent and “fun” as anything De La did, but still a damn good rap album for these days and times.

    Stay tuned…I’ll have to let it sink in for a few weeks before I make any grand revelations.

    Sach    Jan 8, 07:10 PM   
  34. Speaking of “conscious” stuff, anyone heard that Kidz in the Hall album? I didn’t peep it out of fear that it’d be another Justus League/Okayplayer-esque piece of shit, but some people have told me good things.

    Train    Jan 8, 11:24 PM   
  35. I want a fat, overweight rapper to come out and do the Kid-N-Play at every show. Falling on his face while he’s still rapping.

    ardamus    Jan 9, 04:53 AM   
  36. umm … mc frontalot?

    mr nice guy    Jan 10, 11:28 PM   
  37. or, like, ohmega watts maybe?

    mr nice guy    Jan 10, 11:30 PM   
  38. For my money, Raydar Ellis’ Late Pass fulfils most of those. It’s not flawless, but is funny, un-self conscious and adventurous when it comes to subject matter. Beats could do with polish, but boy has concepts for days.

    danck    Jan 24, 09:07 PM   
  39. Im a female rapper I talk about the real. I put a little fun in my songs and I try to inspire youth my age to be able to listen to something without all the cusing and something they can dance to. Many adults heard my music and they love it. but if you want to check out my music you can at

    Tbaby    Mar 5, 04:14 PM   
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    CharlottefB    Jan 1, 10:37 AM   
  41. This is hopefully what my album will be like (except I do reference the whole Hip Hop is Dead thing on one song).

    I’ll keep ya posted!

    university research paper    Mar 5, 01:50 PM