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Jan 05, 2007

cut chemist "spat" video and other turntable 'toons · by Rafi Kam

I emailed Spine Magazine the other day asking if they’ve considered RSS. Really, publishing a list of news items or a blog without an RSS feed is kind of ludicrous at this point.

General audiences may not have adopted the use of feed readers yet but for many bloggers they’re a vital tool. So don’t you want people who can spread your message to be able to read your message in the first place?

Anyway, from Spine magazine by way of Prefix mag’s RSS feed comes the new Cut Chemist video for “Spat”.

That reminded agent b of Kid Koala’s “Fender Bender”

and back to Q-Bert’s Wave Twisters

None of which appear on XXL’s recent, technically-troubled, “Stay ‘Tooned” article on animated hip-hop videos.

Comments for "cut chemist "spat" video and other turntable 'toons"

  1. That Cut Chemist video is dope as hell. Love the classic UPA style animation, fits right in with the style of jazz the track uses.

    Sach    Jan 5, 06:27 PM   
  2. Holler at Lets you make a feed for anything.

    SmoothJimmyApollo    Jan 5, 06:45 PM   
  3. rsspect seems like a cool idea, but can it actually do anything other than let you know a site has been updated?
    i just tried setting something up. First “update” is below [granted, the site probably hasn’t actually been updated within the last 15 min.]

    Friday January 05th 2007, at 06:16:06 PM:

    There has been a new update to

    To see the new content, please click here, or visit the following link:

    hastings    Jan 5, 10:39 PM   
  4. the only problem I can see is that Oh Word is too Hip-Hop for XXL’s newest blogger.

    Billy Sunday    Jan 6, 04:07 AM   
  5. was kid koala’s new cd more or less butt than either cut chemist’s or his first one?

    i started a list of things i bought last year that are hip hop related (i forgot the rubbers). really makes you see how costly the beer and baby mamas are, real talk. rap music, i’m sorry 2006.

    extra penis    Jan 6, 04:35 AM   
  6. peace to mixmastermike’s anti-theft device

    extra p that sat by the door    Jan 6, 11:02 AM   
  7. Yeah Spine REALLY need to set up an RSS feed for their daily news page. I mean it’s 2007, if UR in online publishing this shouldn’t be news to you at this stage in the game.

    Also, does Allhiphop have one that works properly yet??

    ian    Jan 6, 09:28 PM   
  8. That Cut Chemist clip is Awesome like Dre & The Hardcore Committe.

    Robbie    Jan 7, 01:31 AM   
  9. Yeah! I saw another Kid Koala vid I think on Youtube that was fresher than this one but, I still fucks with him, Q-bert’s was tight but a lil’ too long. That Cut Chemist?! Whoo! that was the shit! Rss needs to keep that up!



    Tim E. Taylor    Jan 10, 01:58 PM