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Apr 09, 2007

t.w.i.b. 4/8/2009 · by Rafi Kam

Ok, I’m days late and dollars short on my weekly round-up of blog links. So technically this is more like “last week in blogging”.

Stretch Armstrong dug up demos from Nas, Artifacts and Organized Konfusion. Related item: check this old Oh Word review for more of the Simply II Positive aka Organized Konfusion demos (plus O.C. demos). We also had these Gravediggaz / Wu-Tang demos reviewed around the same time.

over at crooklyn classics, dru ha’s brother “no ha” details the kick-off of the sean price tour. excellent, entertaining post… i’d love to see more storytelling on hip-hop blogs.

More quality storytelling… Ninoy Brown talks about how Kool Moe Dee changed his life.

and That Good good talks about being at a legendary battle between Craig G and Supernatural plus shares a cool video about the battle.

Wayne and Wax drops science on Jamaican influence on hip-hop. Some great thoughts on the tricky topic of “authenticity”.

noz and tara both give sage advice to daydreaming rap hopefuls.

Giving up on rap magazines cold turkey, know good music looks back at their history with the product.

it’s not neo. o-dub breaks down a modern soul movement that’s retro to death, yo.

vik reports on lots of exciting progress for black cartoon characters! real black people… not so much.

20/20 Proof has some rock/rap collaborations they’d like to see.

the smoking section posted way more weezy (no isabel sanford) than anyone should have to listen to: the lil wayne compendium.

a prefix mix of out-of-print hip-hop

Palms Out with Big Daddy Kane sample sources

A Dipset Easter!

Paul Wall’s top 10 similes.

i heard the new nyoil song that rizoh had posted. it was real nice, as rizoh said “You can almost hear the beat panting for breath in a bid to keep up with his lyrical ferocity.” but for some reason nyoil’s people asked rizoh to take it down. bad move… let the people hear it!

^^ white chicks and gang signs (hat tip to sneakmove)

robbie opens the vaults and opens the cryo-chamber on a few rappers.

On her myspace blog, Lily Allen does some amateur photojournalism of a San Diego crack spot. Damn, it wasn’t even close to crack week!

Halle Berry was given a star on the walk of fame last week. Halle returned the favor by giving her own star oral pleasure. I think I remember this scenario from a Walt Whitman poem.

40 Diesel tells us why he’s riding for Barry Bonds regardless.

Never too early for a list? Breihan offers up his best albums from the first 90 days of 2007.

Dopetracks has launched. It’s some kind of collaborative hip-hop site for mc’s or producers looking for the perfect beat or rhyme to match. Let me know if any of you have tried it.

A very entertaining video of The Turtles detailing their history in the carnival ride of the music biz. Oh well, they probably got some of that money back when they sued De La Soul.

some new joints from last week (in case you missed them):

amy winehouse rehab remix with pharoahe monch

ugk featuring outkast

Blackvillainy… Black album meets Madvillain

Comments for "t.w.i.b. 4/8/2009"

  1. that lily allen shit is foul.

    blimey a real live crackhead.

    noz    Apr 9, 01:41 AM   
  2. Are you from the future, rafi?

    Jay B    Apr 9, 05:03 PM   
  3. lol at smoking crack in the parking lot in front of Petco Park at 10 in the morning

    David    Apr 9, 09:22 PM   
  4. Peace..
    I hear about the song going up and being asked to be taken down.. I think what happened was that son posted it up on Zshare which is a downloadable file share..
    I been real good about giving away music in the past but i really need the fans to support this album with their buying power.. if we are going to show hip hop solidarity then we have to use our buying power like a vote to show who we want in office.

    we’ll make some sort of adjustment soon enough..

    NYOIL    Apr 10, 04:10 AM   
  5. Check my new site.

    pottytoddy    Dec 31, 07:16 PM