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May 28, 2007

A taste of their own medicine · by Sach O

And all the girlies say they’re pretty fly…

You can feel it in the air, it’s hot at night n’ shit and that means the inevitable: another summer will bring about another summer banger. Ladies will shake their asses, men will chase said asses, DJs will get bored and spin the Baltimore House remixes and the internet will get really really sick of the damn song. Last year, T.I pretty much walked away with the crown based on the ubiquity of “Whachu know”, with Rick Ross coming in a distant second. This year though, I can’t help but chuckle that the strongest early contender is The Shop Boys’ Party like a Rockstar. In the interest of full disclosure: I actually like the damn thing. The verses have just enough stoopid references to white people to be worth listening to and the guitar line/hook is the kind of addictive brain candy that’ll have people yelling “TOTALLY DUDE” for no damn reason. Still, I was sure it was a one trick pony until I saw the jaw-dropping video.

In a year where everyone from Don Imus to Al Sharpton is trying to make rap’s seedier elements into a racial issue, it’s incredibly refreshing to see a rap act point out that African-American youth don’t have a monopoly on acting totally fucking retarded. From mosh pits to body piercing to some sort of weird ICP facepaint dance, the Party like a Rockstar video features the best appropriation of stereotypical hard rock elements since M.O.P or even Onyx. Now jock rock is an easy target (sort of like gangsta rap) but ever since Hip Hop overtook it as the mainstream lingua franca, cultural critics have been hesitant to diss it, lest the genre die off completely and white musicians get limited to American Idol and indie rock. But beyond making the point that pouring champagne on video hoes is no worst than flailing yourself against a mud caked white girl, it’s great to see the tables turn and have emcees making fun of the guitar scene for a change.

Ever since Rappers Delight blew up and label executives dismissed Hip Hop as “a fad” that would come and go like disco, white artists and comedians have had no qualms with appropriating rap music to terrible results. For every Chronicles of Narnia and Rage Against the Machine there were 10 Malibu’s Most Wanteds and Limp Bizkits: movies and bands that showed white people trying to be down (sarcastically or earnestly) and failing horribly in cringeworthy disasters. Even when these things were funny, you couldn’t help but feel the joke was at the expense of those who actually liked Hip Hop seeing as there was rarely the nuance or detail afforded to loving spoofs such as Spinal Tap ( rap’s got its own). So imagine my joy when I saw a bunch of perfectly ignant crunk kids accidentally pissing on the whole concept of mainstream punk-metal. By being just as clueless and careless as the average comedy writer or rock band dealing in rap signifiers (SAT word alert) they’ve turned the tables on a 25 years worth of bad jokes by white people. Or to put it simply, Fred Durst and his ilk had no clue about rap and now it’s payback time. Half the K-rok crowd will laugh with it and half will be pissed but at least the playing field will be a little more even next time someone wants to pull out a whiteboy-goes-ghetto joke. Word to the Offspring.

Plus it ain’t a bad anthem. I don’t support skull t-shirts anymore than I do long white tees, button ups, throwback jerseys or Fubu apparel but whatcha gonna do about it? If anything it’ll be interesting to see if it crosses over to rock radio: the ironing would be delicious.

Comments for "A taste of their own medicine"

  1. haha, yeah that song is a trip…i dont knwo if they’re trynna be serious about i tho, that’d be hella stupid…

    and after watching Adventures of Hollyhood, why does Juicy J have a penchant to rock band-tees? Does he even know who Megadeth is? i dunno, but i was at the theater this weekend and saw a thugged out teen rocking a Zeppelin shirt…a new fad?

    JunSri    May 28, 04:02 PM   
  2. > loving spoofs such as Spinal Tap ( rap’s got its own)....

    CB4 too?

    Re: the comment above, yes, it is a current fad for young hip hop kids to rock band tee’s (pun intended).

    9/10x I don’t think they even know it’s a band or if they do, they probabaly aren’t familiar with their music. They don’t care, though, they just like the designs ‘cos they’re so “punk rock” looking – lol.

    ian    May 28, 04:28 PM   
  3. I really do love this song. After being inundated this past year with hipsters who listen to rap “ironically” it’s great to see rappers treating white music the same damn way.

    Besides, personally I can really only be down with a bitchin’ guitar solo (at least 90% of the time) if I’m doing so ironically.

    Totally, dude!

    Elijah    May 28, 04:56 PM   
  4. The first thing that I noticed and dug about the song was the outdated rock references. Like a heartfelt parody that used the most cliched catch-phrases to poke fun and say they know the score.

    JunSri – Well done in taking the crux of this post and showing ignorance. I like that 22 minutes of MTV gave you that deep of an insight toward Jay’s music knowledge. Instead of hiding behind some question marks, just say you can’t believe that black people, especially rappers like classic rock and metal.

    nerditry    May 28, 10:00 PM   
  5. Quick other thought… what we really need to make this summer perfect is a “Party Like a Rockstar” remix with an all-star lineup and an Andre 3000 verse. Fire.

    Elijah    May 28, 10:52 PM   
  6. Right on- Nerditry, it would make A LOT of sense if Juicy J listened to stuff like Iron Maiden, his music is similar. Also, Juicy being from a musical area like Memphis where a lot more people play music, color/music barriers are more porous…

    brandonsoderberg    May 29, 12:08 AM   
  7. no way is this track going to be a summer anthem.

    khal    May 29, 09:12 AM   
  8. this calls for a shameless plug of one of my old posts.

    the chuck d/flav pic with the MINOR THREAT shirts is classic. ahead of its time?

    VIK    May 29, 10:30 AM   
  9. Firstly, Juicy J is a huge metal fan. He has spoken on the topic numerous times.

    Secondly, these dudes weren’t making fun of the retardation of white people. They were trying to appeal to it and increase the listener demographic in an attempt to incrase sales.

    Which is fucking lame.

    — Life's a bitch    May 29, 11:01 PM   
  10. This song is another in a chapter of songs that reveals something to me that most black cats don’t won’t to admit but I admitted a long time ago: white people just seem to be having way more fun than anyone else.


    Any chance we get to co-opt a bit of that fun without looking corny (yeah, I know, stay with me now), we will.

    Case in point, every black guy in the 80’s was making fun of slam dancing in the eighties (me included) when it came into enough commercial prominence that we would know about it. It was “stupid”, “corny” and “silly”...until I found myself dancing and punching my way through a mosh pit at an Onyx concert to the melodious thumps of a little tune called “Slam”.

    Note    May 30, 04:16 PM   
  11. “This video is no longer available.”

    DJ Flash    Jun 28, 11:55 PM   
  12. “So imagine my joy when I saw a bunch of perfectly ignant crunk kids accidentally pissing on the whole concept of mainstream punk-metal.”

    What makes you think anything about this “song” is an accident? Cultural ignorance is an unfunny joke that everyone still laughs at, so why not cash in with a single that will capture the ringtones of “ignant crunk kids” and white frat boys alike? The Shop Boyz are “totally duuuuuude”-ing all the way to the bank on some of the most transparently cynical bullshit ever to hit radio. And you bought in…sucka!

    — spinalsnap    Jul 11, 06:32 PM   
  13. Juicy J can do and wear whatever the hell he wants.
    I really hope he is a huge metal fan, I would have even more respect for him!

    — Torii    Feb 6, 12:21 AM   
  14. Most ppl who are true music fans and who are talented.. listen to all kinds of music. And Juicy J is a huge metal and rock fan actually. Read interveiws. He has a clothing line marketed towards rockstar style.

    theknowerofall    Dec 19, 02:44 AM