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Cam'ron's Rhyme Book Found

posted on Apr 09, 2007

We here at Oh Word have always prided ourselves on journalistic integrity, stories of heroism, adventure, inspiration, and all that dumb shit. That’s why every year we gather our friends and families at Gray’s Papaya on 8th and 37th and attempt to steal Cam’ron’s rhyme book. His manager and rhyme book keeper is a frequent customer as well as a frequent narcoleptic, providing several momentary opportunities to complete the heist.

Why, you may ask, do we seek such a rare prize? Power. We want his power, his swagger, his secret to car surfing handed down from generations of Teen Wolfs.

This year we were finally successful. The power of Cam’ron is ours. But greedy we are not and thus we have decided to share this sacred scripture with our loyal fans. Bask in the genius and unmatched magic that is “The Official Rhyme Book of Killa Cam’ron Giles”

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Comments for "Cam'ron's Rhyme Book Found"

  1. This has to be the greatest post ever on Oh Word.

    matthew    Apr 9, 01:36 PM   
  2. For years, I had considered posting an entire album’s worth of suggested Cam’ron lyrics. Now I don’t need to. This is great. So great.

    Joey    Apr 9, 01:37 PM   
  3. like shootin fish in a barrel..

    Vanderslice    Apr 9, 01:43 PM   
  4. brilliant

    green eyes    Apr 9, 01:50 PM   
  5. Where can I buy one of these money collecting vacuums? Oh, and vote for Dipset!!!

    Andy_J    Apr 9, 01:51 PM   
  6. Computers computing

    — Team 50    Apr 9, 01:58 PM   
  7. LMAO

    Belize    Apr 9, 01:59 PM   
  8. Classic

    it was written    Apr 9, 02:00 PM   
  9. hip hop blog post of the year

    illroots    Apr 9, 02:03 PM   
  10. wiping tears of my eyes from laughter

    Rafi you are on some crack. Blog of the year!!! You sick.

    Big Homie    Apr 9, 02:04 PM   
  11. Seconded

    Shay    Apr 9, 02:06 PM   
  12. lol’d hard

    — Ty    Apr 9, 02:33 PM   
  13. Classic

    Crooklyns Classics    Apr 9, 03:03 PM   
  14. lmao

    Train    Apr 9, 03:20 PM   
  15. lol !!! that’s jokezz

    Rekzai    Apr 9, 03:27 PM   
  16. Hehe, best rhymebook ever, like my sister wrote it, great work!!!

    — Jigga    Apr 9, 03:31 PM   
  17. That Kobayashi line is CLASSIC! Sheeeeiiiit, this entire post is classic!

    mcarroll4716    Apr 9, 03:40 PM   
  18. hahah hilarious eric stoltz/mask reference.

    — favian    Apr 9, 03:45 PM   
  19. “Harlem Globbtrotters/ gold lampn/Robin Williams (?)”

    Thats a line in his Purple Haze album…which makes this slightly more hilarious

    Al Farouk Hassen    Apr 9, 03:52 PM   
  20. dude. this is hee-frickin-larious.

    the stickers, the rhymes….the lambo.

    nice work my dudes.

    VIK    Apr 9, 03:54 PM   
  21. these are real rhymes u idjits

    tony    Apr 9, 04:03 PM   
  22. Whoever thought up these are the pinks I like is a fucking genius.

    Abe Beame    Apr 9, 04:04 PM   
  23. ha ha…wow…this is classic.

    Jaz    Apr 9, 04:06 PM   
  24. This has to be the greatest post ever on Oh Word.

    sankofa    Apr 9, 04:20 PM   
  25. This is the most CLASSIC post ever on Oh Word…I’m dying.

    The Kid Flames    Apr 9, 04:20 PM   
  26. “yo dude, looney tune me”. hahahah.

    Washington    Apr 9, 04:21 PM   
  27. lmfao..dude that was freaking awesome..fuckin A!

    — west-coast-chopperowner    Apr 9, 04:24 PM   
  28. I don’t know if this makes you guys funny, or just reinforces why I think Cam’ron is so entertaining.

    El Keter    Apr 9, 04:35 PM   
  29. roflllllllll

    Req-mega    Apr 9, 04:49 PM   
  30. we at the hot dog stand
    she made my hot dog stand

    LOL. classic Cam style lyrics. this is hilarious

    — Ill E    Apr 9, 04:52 PM   
  31. This is great..


    esbee    Apr 9, 04:55 PM   
  32. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rebecca    Apr 9, 05:06 PM   
  33. haha excellent work

    Jay B    Apr 9, 05:12 PM   

    gmillion    Apr 9, 05:14 PM   
  35. damn!

    — mir    Apr 9, 05:14 PM   
  36. Greatest. Oh Word. Post. Ever. Still wiping the tears from my eyes…

    floodwatch    Apr 9, 05:15 PM   
  37. Cam is garbage. but this post is funny as hell!!

    shout out to all those that know about the extra Chromosone for Downs Syndrome.


    global74    Apr 9, 05:16 PM   
  38. LOL @ “these are the pinks I like”
    Comical, Killa Killa phenomenal~

    Nola    Apr 9, 05:16 PM   
  39. Jay-Z needs to put that up on the Summer Jam screen, word!

    sooch    Apr 9, 05:18 PM   

    D-MOE    Apr 9, 05:27 PM   
  41. “Morning news you niggas son.Ron Burgundy.”

    This mess is HILARIOUS!

    — Donnie    Apr 9, 05:38 PM   
  42. We Laughin© Jim Jones

    real recognize real..

    we need to do a Dipset Collaborative Effort.

    Small Eyez    Apr 9, 05:40 PM   
  43. roakfldalkdfjalkfjahahahhaha
    this is incredible

    — ha    Apr 9, 05:43 PM   
  44. the funny part is the realization that these are real rhymes…

    heyya    Apr 9, 06:05 PM   
  45. they’re not.

    agent b    Apr 9, 06:08 PM   
  46. “You Fag on Gay St. Catch me on Broadway Harlem to Norway I hit them All day” I knew he was Gay.

    trock    Apr 9, 06:18 PM   
  47. This is the funniest thing I have ever read. Dipset has got some of the most retarded lines ever. You guys should check out the Dipset Movies on youtube, good stuff too. Look it up.

    — Shaan    Apr 9, 06:19 PM   

    this is why i love cam

    haah    Apr 9, 06:21 PM   
  49. i couldn’t imagine life w/o these poems.

    it'smekid    Apr 9, 06:22 PM   
  50. I think I just spit out snapple all over my computer screen

    Travis    Apr 9, 06:27 PM   
  51. That Lambo rulez the fuck earth. Where can I get a custom Killa Cam?

    Swag Diesel    Apr 9, 06:27 PM   
  52. stupid

    — willy    Apr 9, 06:33 PM   
  53. Those are not real lines dumbasses… this is just someone thats in love wit Dipset lol… haters…. your embarrassing yourselfs!!

    Dipset    Apr 9, 06:37 PM   
  54. hilarious!!

    — Bless 1    Apr 9, 06:39 PM   
  55. Cam just sucks

    — D Best Eva    Apr 9, 06:46 PM   
  56. This is funny but stupid as fuck. I really mean it.

    Max A Million    Apr 9, 06:56 PM   
  57. Are all these lyrics for real? I can’t tell any more. Either way, hilarious. If so, hilarious. If not, hilarious. Any way you slice it this is one of the best hip-hop blog posts in the history of hip-hop blogs, period.

    somedope    Apr 9, 07:03 PM   
  58. too hilarious.. can’t stop laughing!!! If they are fake rhymes…big ups to the person who did em’(u got dope-set down to a tee).....but the rhymes are so ridiculous i can sorta believe Cam wrote em… but someone had fun with photoshop…LOL

    dj soniq    Apr 9, 07:06 PM   
  59. i spit that rootie tootie fresh and fruity cop a smoothie,
    i holla at men, specially dudes with lots a bootie,
    they call me gay gay, my boyfriends name is ray ray,
    last week, birthday, made him dress up like shanaynay,
    i rock a g-string, but no this ain’t g-unit,
    if you muscular, then text me, bitty boop it,
    when i pull them thangs, you hit the floor g,
    i’ll call jim jones and santana — orgy

    That’s off that “Dipset: New York Gay Pride Parade” double disc — usually I don’t mess with homo rapper thugs but with Weezy Flexing Baby and Turdman doin’ their thing, it seems that this is the new style on the ave.

    somedope    Apr 9, 07:14 PM   
  60. Take a bow gentlemen. Take a bow.

    Jeff    Apr 9, 07:16 PM   
  61. Damn good job. Cam will probably use this on his next album so copyright it.

    Rellextra    Apr 9, 07:18 PM   
  62. agent b: amazing/hilarious. the Camborghini tops it off.

    LOL at “recession special – save $1” in the bodega window.

    LOLOL at comments.

    David    Apr 9, 07:20 PM   
  63. this was off the wall funny. I make regular cam jokes to my peoples, but this takes the cake. I’m gonna be passing this link around like madness.

    hav    Apr 9, 07:41 PM   
  64. i got that white girly girly
    the skin like pearly pearly
    i take a shit on her chest cus i’m dirty dirty
    ohh weee kumbaya now she smelly smelly/
    i bet she smell me smell me/
    ass out the doors like i’m getting hyphy hyphy/
    but i aint a cali dog/
    i jet to mali dog/
    my dog fur’s saggy guess i got a saggy dog//

    chrome pirellis    Apr 9, 07:59 PM   
  65. This is a masterpiece.

    — someone    Apr 9, 08:01 PM   
  66. absolutely amazing

    — Kevin Dawson    Apr 9, 08:04 PM   
  67. Im a Cam fan becuz hes off the wall like dis

    — cam fan    Apr 9, 08:07 PM   
  68. classic post, my fav is the camborghini at the end with the vortex windshield, money collectin vacuum, and always being on fire hahahaha, i still like cam though, not as a serious rapper, just as a get high and laugh at the funny shit he says rapper, which i think is his main goal, always seems like he just gets high as fuck and writes goofy ass lines like this, same with wayne too a lot of times, just seems to be the current trend in rap and i like to jam it occassionally. sure it’s not “real hip-hop” but you gotta realize rap is changin’ – see bob dylan “the times are a’changin’”

    thatwhitedude    Apr 9, 08:30 PM   
  69. Oh wow. This is too genius. It’s the graphics that really complete the cipher.

    SmokingSection writer and lifelong fan

    Drew Ricketts    Apr 9, 08:31 PM   
  70. “ppl who can read this…”

    haha! Nice touch

    Hashim    Apr 9, 08:48 PM   
  71. Congradulations on finding this officshal book at Gray’s Papaya, and props to Cam’rom he really did a good job! on composition.

    (dlib)    Apr 9, 09:21 PM   
  72. classic. better than you ever been.

    khal    Apr 9, 09:30 PM   
  73. ...bout the funniest shit of 2007…

    fleetwood deville    Apr 9, 09:49 PM   
  74. this iz gold, cam is the sec. best rapper alive the 1st iz yayo lol lmfao cam’ron iz a joke! dipz are a joke, jr writer and santana only nigga dat r okay!

    Convict The Dj    Apr 9, 10:09 PM   
  75. I think I just pissed my pants

    EnglandRepresent    Apr 9, 10:19 PM   
  76. the production value on this is phenomenal..musta spent alot of hrs workin on this

    — wow    Apr 9, 10:29 PM   
  77. These nerds is funny, crack jokes on the internet/Still makin money crack smoke, eat my dinner wet/Drowned in sizzurp, nigga Im goin beserk/Me and your bitch are friends just like, Ernie and Bizzurt/Dont wanna battle on the net your fuckin wit the best/I shit on Cuuuuurtis and your whole team, IBS/Im bout to go catch dome so fuck an Oh Word gang/CEO signin off, DIPSET BYRD GANG

    — Killa    Apr 9, 10:38 PM   
  78. -that was not Killa.

    KEFLON DON    Apr 9, 11:07 PM   
  79. I dig the heart that dots the I in Jim Jones. awesome detail!

    angrycitizen    Apr 9, 11:34 PM   
  80. cam’s a fag…jones needs a bath…

    — yo mtv raps    Apr 9, 11:39 PM   
  81. Im lovin the Koch Hangman lol

    Fred the MAestro    Apr 9, 11:55 PM   
  82. Yo, the diary was kinda funny, but whoever made this didnt have to go that hard. Thats them white boy G-Unit fanbase for you. Dipset fans too busy gettin it in…...fuck jimmy irvine, buy black.


    50FearsKid    Apr 9, 11:57 PM   
  83. I’m Killa Cam,
    I’m a killa man..
    I will kill you man,
    and not give a damn.
    I spit that hot fire,
    you can call me M-siah,
    but I wont retire,
    No. I’m not a lyah.


    Killa    Apr 10, 12:01 AM   
  84. Any internet nerd who poses as Cam’ron by writing raps in his defense and signing off as “Killa” is a poopie-brain homothug.

    somedope    Apr 10, 12:16 AM   
  85. Study this!

    Go ‘head stupid niggaz go fuck wit’ them chicks
    I’m the third little piggy, I’m-a fuck wit’ them bricks
    Better yet the bakery I got pies and cakes
    Nigga think doublin’ is turnin’ 5 to 8
    I turn 8 to 20, 20 to 100, 100 to 1000
    That to 100,000, in front-a housin’
    Closed ‘em all down dog, no one’s allowed in
    I’m coppin’ everything I’m done wit’ browsin’
    It’s the top don, glock palm, dot com
    Get your shit rocked ma like Haseem Rahman
    And I’m extra scary
    CEOs all the frontin’ ain’t necessary, I fuck wit’ secretaries
    All for information…it ain’t necessary
    They in love like the 14th of February
    Play ‘em like April 1st right before I slide off
    It could be March 2nd, sound like July 4th
    Halloween or Memorial Day
    At your memorial be one year from today
    All y’all think it’s peace and peachy
    I leave you reesy piecy, all my bitches rock…
    Christian Dior, BCBG...‘round phony niggaz get the heeby jeebies
    Hungry hoes say “Killa feed me feed me…”
    Calm down ma, easy easy
    Talk greasy, please me, get my man Weezy
    Still rock Ellesses, to squeeze appease me
    He ain’t no tease but measly
    Not Doggy’s Angels…KILLA...please believe me…

    dare    Apr 10, 12:45 AM   
  86. shit’s hilarious. Str8 Cam lyrics.

    Flako One    Apr 10, 01:29 AM   
  87. yo fam this shT is hilarious. tears in my eyes, son.

    POPS    Apr 10, 01:46 AM   
  88. brilliant post.

    Sven    Apr 10, 03:43 AM   
  89. Classic Material… CLASSIC!

    Jah    Apr 10, 03:53 AM   
  90. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long while! Classic!

    Perttu    Apr 10, 05:05 AM   
  91. even dipset fans should be able to laugh at this shit. they callin you out cam. Can we get some heat.

    mic tyson    Apr 10, 05:19 AM   
  92. LMAO this is way too funny

    — Sco    Apr 10, 05:26 AM   
  93. haha quality stuff, i can picture cam’ron sayin this stuff in his pink clobber the fool

    — the beard    Apr 10, 06:00 AM   
  94. God that is funny :D

    RJ The Colonel    Apr 10, 06:00 AM   
  95. Nail in the coffin… 50 should give you a bonus.

    BEsmirched    Apr 10, 06:06 AM   
  96. ha! i knew it would like
    this. even in germany we
    got ‘vogelbande’. real men wear pink.
    get of my dip nucca n tell yo chick
    to come here…
    keep cluckin’

    — killa karl    Apr 10, 07:13 AM   
  97. Fuckin hilarious.

    B.    Apr 10, 08:27 AM   
  98. wish the words would’ve been actually written instead of a font, but hey, this is fucking great regardless

    — Andvil    Apr 10, 08:31 AM   

    SLIM_O    Apr 10, 08:45 AM   
  100. This is some funny shit.

    B, from the str8shots fam    Apr 10, 09:19 AM   
  101. Yo, all you suckas saying these aint real verses are just dipset dick ryders. And it looks even worse when you a fan and you cant even realize these are your man’s lines. Thats whats so hilarious about this shit, its real!! Cam is fukin wack!!!!

    JAY    Apr 10, 09:20 AM   
  102. absolutely hilarious!!! yo, that dude Cam does write whack nursery rhyme lyrics, lol.

    — Chocolate Tai    Apr 10, 09:25 AM   
  103. Man aint nobody hatn that shits funny plus its true! Everybody know that fool stole his style from Dr. Zues!!

    GRUNGY    Apr 10, 09:33 AM   

    — JAY    Apr 10, 09:36 AM   
  105. I damn near got fired for laughing so loud.

    Pbbunny    Apr 10, 09:43 AM   
  106. my spanish chicks say “Cam, mijo”!!!! This was hilarious!

    — Tiffany    Apr 10, 09:44 AM   
  107. stop hatin cam stacked so he laughing “straight to the bank” funny blog thou

    slanger    Apr 10, 09:45 AM   
  108. the games not ready! this is next level hip hop bloggery!

    bodega james    Apr 10, 09:49 AM   
  109. Yo! Very creative and clever! Great post!

    I think Cam is a dope MC. I’ve heard his growth as an MC since the Children of the Corn days. AND HE OBVIOUSLY GET A REACTION OUT OF PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY’RE READY TO SCREAM HOW WACK HIS LYRICS ARE.

    If it was so wack it would probably be totally ignored. It might be simple, pedestrian or even sound child-like but he puts together some really clever but obvious sh*t. And he’s very unique with his wordplay, which is really hard to say in hip-hop today. He’s not running with punch lines or over-the-top metaphors. And he manages to keep it really simple AND FREAKING FUNNY!!

    And yes, I know he’s dropped some tired crap but he’s funny, clever and manages to keep it simple. And he got a bunch of you screaming Cam is F*ckin wack. Every artist wants some kind of reaction because it screams that you freaking notice.

    Vee    Apr 10, 10:14 AM   
  110. Eric Stoltz. Fangs with blood. Classic.

    CommishCH    Apr 10, 10:15 AM   
  111. im not sure which is funnier…the book or the comments.

    arlene    Apr 10, 10:32 AM   

    WILL    Apr 10, 10:33 AM   
  113. Puters putin…

    Oye!!!!!!!!!!    Apr 10, 10:42 AM   
  114. lol…ok,ok.. im not sure if this is actually his rhymes or not, but tha sad thing about it is I wont be suprised if it is.

    gt    Apr 10, 10:55 AM   
  115. Cam got rich off shit like this- yall just haters u cant get money doin it

    — Pete    Apr 10, 10:57 AM   
  116. That Eric Stolz shit was funny as shit….and the olympic legs…ahahahaha….classic

    PeerPressure    Apr 10, 11:00 AM   
  117. “these are the pinks that i like
    these are the pinks that i hate (sorta like this one)”

    That’s funny.

    — Bliggs    Apr 10, 11:00 AM   
  118. the funny thing is that some of you think these are real lines and no idea that it’s a parody.


    — mike judge    Apr 10, 11:05 AM   
  119. Classic. Plain and simple.

    I agree, I dont know whats funnier, the book or the rhymes.. lol.

    LMFAO @ Camborgini
    “olympic runner legs”

    Bravo! Bravo!!!!!!

    1 hunned.

    EReal    Apr 10, 11:07 AM   
  120. this is easiest the funniest shit i seen in a long time

    www/    Apr 10, 11:08 AM   
  121. LMA0.

    JFK    Apr 10, 11:26 AM   
  122. hats off to you guys

    DoC from crown hiddy    Apr 10, 11:45 AM   
  123. he’s got nice printing.

    wes side    Apr 10, 11:57 AM   
  124. This is really cute…now if someone would make a poster of the Camborghini…

    — MISS PRISS    Apr 10, 12:01 PM   
  125. it cracks me up how dipset fans are personally offended by this shit. but i will admit; i might have to start listening to Cam’ron’s real shit now when i need a good laugh.

    www/    Apr 10, 12:02 PM   
  126. so authentic that it’s a lil scary…haha

    sub    Apr 10, 12:10 PM   
  127. I love how idiots keep saying “Well, Cam got rich off of this, so there!”

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, where is Cam’s money?

    He cops whips and then has to sell them on ebay just to try to get some of his money back.

    His records don’t sell.

    His clothes don’t sell.

    This is typical kid shit: they see someone on TV, they assume he’s rich. Ummmm, NO. Tribe Called Quest made $30,000 off their first album. Cut three ways, that means those boys were still on welfare.

    Smarten up you retards. Cam is not rich, he’s probably dead broke.

    And btw, it ain’t hatin if it’s true. It’s only hatin if you mouthing off about somebody thorough. Cam is the least thorough rapper in history.

    somedope    Apr 10, 07:46 PM   
  128. HAHA.

    this has got to be the most noteworthy blog post of the year of any genre.

    douglas martin    Apr 10, 07:56 PM   
  129. I fucking died laughing. Well done, sir. Well done.

    Sister Toldja    Apr 10, 08:22 PM   
  130. this is the funniest thing i’ve read or seen in a LONG time. im bout ta forward this page to everyone i know. got me cryin laughing!! what up Jay!! what up 50!!

    E.K.    Apr 10, 09:12 PM   
  131. lmao CLASSIC

    — MIMI    Apr 10, 09:49 PM   
  132. Yo I love Cam and the Diplomats but this is foul and funny at the same time. I’m lovin’ Cam more now because of this.

    — Rich Yung    Apr 10, 10:24 PM   
  133. Yall niggas act like dipset aint da shit..shit is funny but DIP SET and KIllA iS da business. Fuck 50 andd G-UNOT

    BIG BLACC    Apr 10, 11:12 PM   
  134. my friend and i do this all the time…..great stuff, man

    JunSri    Apr 10, 11:18 PM   



    ASKL;FJISGJIRSAGAEJRKG    Apr 10, 11:40 PM   
  136. genius

    N. Brown    Apr 11, 12:15 AM   
  137. Cam is SOOOOOO! Wack. The pussy in pink Harlem mascot does not surprise me. He’s the biggest wannabe I’ve ever seen in Hip-Hop. This nigga basically dick rhode Ghost-Face for his style an mixes it with Slick Rick, adds his bitch swagger…and there you have it….Homo-Thug! Here’s a shot that won’t miss…next time don’t duck…take it in the face like the she-man you are.

    Dipshit For-Neva    Apr 11, 12:35 AM   
  138. Lmao…funniest shit ever…they need to come up with an award for best internet blog…this would take the cake…I’m puttin this shit up on myspace son!!!

    titankingz    Apr 11, 12:44 AM   
  139. Brilliant.

    Kenneth Dikas    Apr 11, 01:18 AM   
  140. My fanta jus came right out of my mouth onto the computer, this is the best ever I think Cam is the wackest rapper ever and you just proved my point, I will be showing all my friends that are Cam fans this link. Thanks

    Oh but I did kinda like the line about the baby shower lol

    Tone Da Boss    Apr 11, 01:38 AM   
  141. Cam is one of the best rappers just because of shit like this if you dont like something new jump off his dick….NO HOMO...LMAO

    College Boi Toni    Apr 11, 02:10 AM   

    I hope the Camborghini has some kind of special “dome” light, although I’m sure it does. I just hope someone thinks to chirp Freeky Zeekey and read this aloud.


    the destroyer    Apr 11, 02:37 AM   
  143. That was pure comedy! I can’t stop reading it….try and find more rappers’ rhyme books, please!!!

    — Amber    Apr 11, 02:51 AM   
  144. Man, this is really funny…stomach hurts u feel me hungry…but dont want nothin from u TRIX, im sucha silly bunny

    — 415er    Apr 11, 03:01 AM   
  145. More! More! More! Very, very funny! Great job.

    — Karate Dog    Apr 11, 03:53 AM   
  146. Big up Norway! funny sh*t!

    — norway    Apr 11, 04:45 AM   
  147. I’m sure this took more than 10 minutes to put together, therefore you kind of involve yourself in the wackness too. I’m not a fan of Cam’Ron, but you can’t clown somebody else after you spent a bunch of time trying to figure out HOW you’re gonna do it. Nice post still.

    — 2 Sided Coin    Apr 11, 07:49 AM   
  148. #50 i hope that wasnt some of cams snapple (50voice)ha ha this is some funny shit at least he got a clean handwriting when he rhymes….lol tha camborghini….lol i hope this really isnt his rhyme book plz tell me its not cuz he’s fukn trash if it is….wait hes trash if it isnt anyway

    bushwick pure    Apr 11, 09:31 AM   
  149. yo whoever did this shit is fuckin hilarious and 2 make it worse they have actually tapped in 2 his simple rhyme scheme i like the dips but this shit is fuckin funny i cant wait till i see them running around columbus i gots 2 laugh in they fuckin face that car wit the legs i the back killed it. i know 50 paid for this shit

    — c.o underboss    Apr 11, 10:22 AM   
  150. The Robin Williams reference is to his voice being used in the Disney movie Alladin.

    Funny stuff man!

    — Double L    Apr 11, 10:33 AM   
  151. lmao, i wanna know how i can post this on myspace!

    james lovely    Apr 11, 10:58 AM   
  152. LMAO!!...whoeva created this is a

    — CJ    Apr 11, 11:13 AM   
  153. somebody needs to send this to 50

    Wow    Apr 11, 11:29 AM   
  154. Got the Blammy Blammy flow, eating hammy hammy yo…holla at the waiter ayyyo forgot my mayoooo!

    — Dips Is Ova!    Apr 11, 12:17 PM   
  155. this shit is genius. popadopalous.

    Bill Walsh Da Gangsta    Apr 11, 12:23 PM   
  156. holee shit….that waffle house shit is funny….dam homie..

    me dude    Apr 11, 12:34 PM   
  157. Sup, this is from dip shit, i mean dip set bitch gang. Can cam plz have his ryme book back , he’s lost with out it..


    — 40 cal    Apr 11, 12:39 PM   
  158. Hating is at a all-time high

    — fresh    Apr 11, 12:55 PM   
  159. !!!!!!!

    Panamagreen    Apr 11, 01:11 PM   
  160. ENCORE!! ENCORE!!

    — watch yo mouth    Apr 11, 01:24 PM   
  161. Genius. Sooo creative. You’ve got a new subscriber.

    Cleo    Apr 11, 01:25 PM   
  162. holy shit that is fuckin jokes…

    — b dizzo    Apr 11, 02:48 PM   
  163. Props to Agent B on this one….by far his best work! Keep it up!

    Freshmode    Apr 11, 03:00 PM   
  164. too funny

    hhh    Apr 11, 03:01 PM   
  165. Yo. shit made me bust out in my english class. who did the little drawrings? shit’s hilarious

    JackIEEEE    Apr 11, 03:20 PM   
  166. awesome

    — jo    Apr 11, 03:42 PM   

    Tricks    Apr 11, 04:04 PM   
  168. olympic runner legs on the cambo!!!!!! too funny!

    ray    Apr 11, 04:15 PM   
  169. hating is now thruogh the roof….ALL TIME HIGH . CAM YOUR DOIN IT MY DUDE

    me    Apr 11, 04:56 PM   
  170. lol “we at the hotdog stand/ she made my hotdog stand” LMFAO cam is so wack now he used to be nice but he never really wanted it wid j

    Q    Apr 11, 05:07 PM   
  171. LOL.... Damn … That is really sad.. Pink a— fool. lol

    rockie    Apr 11, 06:11 PM   
  172. The funniest shit to me is not even the rhymes. Its the details! Fuckin stickers, juice stains, the drawings. Ppl who can red this. HILARIOUS!

    Cant Ban Da Guap Man    Apr 11, 06:29 PM   
  173. i respect any man that get money but whut happened 2 da old killa cam when he came out wit mase he wuz killin lyrics,i can’t front da lyrics is gone from cam!! an whutz up wit him an jim jones claiming blood,i’m a crip from da westcoast mane an da gangs ain’t nuthin new from our coast, but we use 2 look 2 da new york niccaz 4 that new swagga an style cuz yall were different then us now an now yall wearin chuccs an sportin flags an t’s lyke us so now we all look da same an thatz why we can’t respect dipset as bloods cuz we live an have died daily over colors!! keep it dipset da harlemnites lyke juelz santana an keep it n.y don’t lose yall identity!!

    denden    Apr 11, 08:58 PM   
  174. This shyt was so damn funny….omg

    JuelzBaby20    Apr 11, 09:25 PM   
  175. holy dog shit the olympic runner legs on the camborghini. that was the stupidest thing ive ever seen and im dying.

    we stone    Apr 11, 09:35 PM   
  176. Quite ossibly more intelligent than any real Cam rhyme book will ever be.

    DJ Flash    Apr 11, 09:41 PM   
  177. Hahahahahahahahahaha

    — Silver Fox    Apr 11, 09:47 PM   

    — bawss    Apr 11, 10:02 PM   
  179. had this european chick, called her my french poodle/
    she gave me her breast and thys, all mixed in one, straight chicken noodles/ chicks in the pool with hoolas/
    bottles of crisp, which fill the coolers/
    and im extra icy/
    more than hot sauce extra spicy/
    i said it nicely, ma get in the whip/
    the second time wont be politely/
    she said who’s your wifey?/
    gave her a kiss, next chick, im a god, bruce almighty/
    i said i gotta go/
    mentioned what she was, not the state when she said i da hoe/
    im gettin skin, and not potatoes/
    but i dont fuck with periods, no red shit, killer tomatoes/

    — killa    Apr 11, 11:37 PM   
  180. I was dying last night when I saw this…funniest hip-hop blog ever!

    But I do wanna say something to the 12-year-olds defending Cam:

    Money doesn’t justify being wack. Matter of fact, money doesn’t really justify anything. Anybody saying Cam (and most—if not all—of Dipset all together) is wack is coming from the point of view of a listener of the artform of lyricism. Yeah, he can do the wordplay game all day, but you can’t compare him to cats in the game that are dope rhymers AND saying soemthing worth listening to. And there’s waaaay too many of them type of cats to mention. So…

    Cam sucks.

    And if some improvised-ass Photoshop flicks don’t prove it to you, then you need to wake up. 1

    him    Apr 12, 01:51 AM   
  181. Fuck all you pricks. Dipset dominates.

    — That Nigga, B    Apr 12, 02:02 AM   
  182. How old is this nigga Cam? The lyrics, the drawings…LOL! I CAN’T TAKE IT!! LMAO!!!

    bklyn kidz    Apr 12, 02:19 AM   
  183. i dont know what’s funnier, the post, or the fact that it seems like some of the folks in comment section think it’s real.

    Ninoy B.    Apr 12, 02:36 AM   
  184. the best part is it took longer to make those 4 pictures then it did for dipset to make their last 4 mixtapes

    — Illa    Apr 12, 03:51 AM   
  185. i dont like his rimes very much, i prefer eminems, their dopa.

    — Boby Dollars    Apr 12, 05:39 AM   
  186. yo this is funny as hell… cam’ron has no skills at all!

    rey    Apr 12, 06:43 AM   
  187. i cant beleive people have the time on their hands to do all that

    Brady    Apr 12, 09:18 AM   
  188. friggin’ brilliant!
    I’m gonna be Cam-Rhymin’ in my head all day now…

    Man, that post crazy,
    that shit there made me chuckle,
    picked out some clown names,
    Bozo taken,
    so they made me Chuckles!

    hmm… maybe they should stay in my head!

    — etchr    Apr 12, 10:30 AM   
  189. My goodness…

    I think this is hilarious.

    And I agree w/some ppl on this board RE: Dipset’s wackness. Anyone—-and I mean, ANYONE who thinks that these guys are even remotely entertaining is sorely mistaken. The only redeeming quality to any of the Dipset camp’s music is the actual music. They do, admittedly, have some of the nicest tracks in the game behind their rhymes…

    But dammit if their rhymes aren’t just the simplest, dumbest, wackest lyrics ever run thru Pro Tools! Also, even though it has been said before, just because something sells, ESPECIALLY in the rap game, does not automatically make it hot! Anyone who can’t grasp this simple truth is a relative lost cause…

    And no, I’m not hating. If something is wack, then it’s wack—-call it what it is. I do realize that taste is a matter of opinion, and by default subject to personal preference, but I mean, COME ON! The fake lyrics in the “Rhyme Book” are pretty much spot on Cam/Dipset—type stuff! Why do you think so many people think it’s real?

    Bottom line: This parody is hilariously funny (CAM—borghihi? Frikkin’ genius!), and Dipset (more specifically Cam’ron) has much better production value than rhymes.

    Sundance    Apr 12, 11:01 AM   
  190. I am not a fan of EVERY member of Dipset, but I do know that JR Writer kills it!

    — etchr    Apr 12, 11:49 AM   
  191. JR Writer writes some of those wack Cam lyrics that you see above. If Cam is wack, then JR must be a doo-doo pile.

    Chi-City    Apr 12, 12:12 PM   
  192. absolutely perfect. im still laughing at it three days later. damn. damn. damn!

    — sarah    Apr 12, 12:16 PM   
  193. can we get more pages? this is pure gold

    mo    Apr 12, 12:22 PM   

    HARLEM HUSTLA    Apr 12, 12:29 PM   
  195. The nerdy white kid who posts under the name “killa” is a tortured soul.

    You need detox, buddy.

    somedope    Apr 12, 03:01 PM   
  196. I ring doorbells, ding dong,
    Kidnap girls like king kong,
    Serenade them with a song then fuck ‘em like Annabel Chong,
    You yellow, custard-boy, with jello,
    Phony bitch come to me say ‘hello’,
    I make their chest Wet Wet Wet like Marti Pellow.

    Adam. (ChipsGet ColdMan)

    — Adam    Apr 12, 03:08 PM   
  197. bunch of haters

    Aram    Apr 12, 03:44 PM   
  198. and then some

    tom    Apr 12, 04:54 PM   
  199. The Pinks Part is The Best

    EL    Apr 12, 05:01 PM   
  200. OMG this is the funniest s#!t I’ve read on the Internet ever! Hands down!
    We got the burners, b
    We turn u burgundy
    Morning news u niggas, son
    Ron Burgundy
    LMFAO my stomach hurts from this comedy. Classic

    mazemayhim    Apr 12, 06:16 PM   

    LMMFAO X 10000

    Napoleon Propane    Apr 12, 07:38 PM   
  202. This made my day, month and year.

    Overloc    Apr 12, 09:39 PM   
  203. I think there was one song that was missing… “A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for Killa Cam, D explains it all, E is for extasy, F is for fooley magooley”

    Vic    Apr 12, 09:40 PM   
  204. she likes hot dogs, man

    lmao. oh word! y’all are dope!

    anupa    Apr 12, 09:41 PM   
  205. Had to copp two shirts with my late pass.

    Greatest. Internets. Drop. EVAR!

    Oh Nerd Rules!

    Dallas    Apr 12, 10:19 PM   
  206. you haters need to get a sense of humor. dipset all day.

    call me the muffin man/ cause i eat up those muffin’s man/ asses roll like caseroles/ fuck it, i just stuff it man

    — royalty    Apr 13, 12:31 AM   
  207. only a G-unit groupie can come up with this type of bullshit…

    YOU A 50 CENT GROUPIE    Apr 13, 04:41 AM   
  208. best ever

    ray    Apr 13, 08:31 AM   


    the average man    Apr 13, 11:03 AM   
  210. YO double L : the robin williams/gold lampin line is a reference to Alladin.

    Curtis Jackson's dog walker    Apr 13, 11:21 AM   
  211. damn…lol

    getcho ass on

    peters-stahl4ya    Apr 13, 11:26 AM   
  212. Damn this shit is funny! and for you dee-dee-dee’s NO the book is not real, but YES the lyrics ARE!!!!!

    If you can’t tell that these ‘lyrics(?)’ are spot picked from real CAm record’s then your an idiot and shouldn’t even try and defend him because you obviously have no idea what he says.

    Lion XL    Apr 13, 11:45 AM   
  213. funniest shit EVAR!

    i fuck with dipset cause they keep me amused. they are comedy personafied. and this post is brilliant.
    pls note i did pee a little. hilarious!.

    sasha    Apr 13, 12:10 PM   
  214. WOW your fucking brilliant

    Muse-it    Apr 13, 12:37 PM   
  215. Brilliant.

    I love that this is bringing a ton of traffic to the site, but some of these commenters seem to have extra chromosomes.

    eauhellzgnaw    Apr 13, 01:30 PM   
  216. Yo my favorite Cam’ron line of all time is
    “Hey yo lock my garage, rock my massage
    Fuck it, bucket by Osh Kosh Bgosh” – {Diplomatic Immunity/ I really mean it}
    Never knew what the hell he was talking about

    — Rodney    Apr 13, 01:36 PM   
  217. this is the best lyrics evr.. i wanna see jay-z and jadakiss top dat.. i’m jus so glad i end up whitnessing such magic written down.. wow!! .. i’m realy amazed!!..

    krazyee    Apr 13, 01:49 PM   
  218. This shit is hilarious…always a crack up when you see stuff like this…if you haven’t seen this yet you should check it out

    — Da Duke    Apr 13, 02:23 PM   
  219. Superlatives all around… great stuff.

    LM    Apr 13, 02:48 PM   
  220. “we did the wa wa tussi”

    This is a post that needs to be read 5 or 6 times for the sheer brilliance of it to come through.

    somedope    Apr 13, 04:09 PM   
  221. Ayo, that shit was hot B. But if you niggas think my rhymes is so simple, why don’t you get monnnnnnnnney like me? Camborghini is a hot idea…what can you plug your name into? Kia? Rafia? That shit is doo doo my dude. Dipset all day. Get money my nigga, make my salary doing this blog shit

    Killa Cam    Apr 13, 04:28 PM   

    Cliff    Apr 13, 07:35 PM   

    I SWEAR.
    LIBERTAD    Apr 13, 09:58 PM   
  224. This shit was hilarious!!! WE IN HOLLAND READ THIS TOO, CAM!
    Fiddy maybe a wanksta big time, atleast the Bigtooth ‘Homie’ can rhyme a bit. You stink..

    Ahhhhell.. You both suck.

    Myron    Apr 14, 09:09 PM   
  225. This shit was the best thing since sliced bread….

    No homo.

    — Snapple    Apr 15, 05:51 AM   
  226. dat shyt is fukkkin funny

    m terra    Apr 15, 03:20 PM   
  227. I’m from Lithuania ( u probably dunno where it is… ) and my man give me this link… U know CAM u crazy… u writing like in 3 grade and ur rhyme book looks like a girl in 6 class which is in love with Bradd Pitt… jesus this is sooo poofy… and one question for u! ARE U GAY? cuz shit like this looks like bitch… and how niggas like u can say their gangstas… I just dont have words for this… ( sorry everybody for my english… )

    — shadow    Apr 16, 03:12 PM   

    — dominic    Apr 16, 10:13 PM   
  229. AMAZING.

    giovanni marks    Apr 17, 01:09 PM   
  230. This is ill shit!! Best post

    Nick Reiter    Apr 17, 06:24 PM   

    Ev    Apr 17, 08:08 PM   
  232. Favorites:
    -“Your girl busted, dog. Wear a mask. Eric Stoltz”
    -All of the stickers
    -“Extra chromosomes, wyle out, retarded kids”
    -Every single bit of the custom Camborghini

    This entire post is classic.

    IkeTurnerEatsStars    Apr 18, 08:15 AM   

    LUGER    Apr 19, 12:21 AM   
  234. whether he really wrote this or not its straight up bullshit my point is if you can’t rhyme on your own don’t rhyme at all!

    nene757    Apr 19, 08:01 AM   
  235. This is very well done. I’m not sure if people realized the writer meant that he got head from a retarded girl. Also, the Kobayashi reference was actually super hard…as was the Ron Burgundy reference too. I respect the creator for hating on Cam so accurately. Perhaps he should talk to Jim Jones about ghostwriting for DipSet. Question: was dude serious that the gold lampin robin williams reference was about Aladdin?

    real-respekt-real    Apr 19, 10:39 AM   
  236. this IS supposed to be a joke right? Because I swear I could hear the Heatmakers in the background.

    thesaint    Apr 20, 03:58 PM   
  237. 236 responses ain’t enough; I’m going to have to blow this one up further. Time for me to be the meta-blogger for a change!

    DJ Flash    Apr 20, 04:59 PM   
  238. All the morons that have no recognition of punctuation nor the ridiculousness of an ALL-CAPS post make me wish the Internet was still an elitist research tool.

    — Uh    Apr 20, 06:08 PM   
  239. Fucking Hilarious

    laylow    Apr 21, 02:27 AM   
  240. fantastic shit

    nass64    Apr 21, 02:46 AM   
  241. I love how the lithuanian cat from comment #227 thinks this is really Cam’s rhymebook, LOL. Dude, this ain’t real, it’s a parody! Haha some things get lost in translation…

    computerscomputin    Apr 21, 04:21 PM   
  242. cam’ron probably cant even read these comments about him.

    JerseySkate07    Apr 22, 12:37 AM   
  243. this is real ya retard

    — ktooms    Apr 22, 01:21 AM   
  244. LMFAO OMFG I just noticed the “I voted… for Dipset” sticker on that shit. Hell nah. I thought it was wild funny, but that Cambourgini took the fuckin’ cake and threw it in my face. This is beyond classic.

    — PF    Apr 22, 12:04 PM   
  245. let me get ur number so we can talk about my cd with u so i can make this money i can spit real good hit page

    Quiteraus A.K.A Q DOG    Apr 22, 10:12 PM   
  246. HIT ME AT 910-205-0163 OR 910-582-0903

    Quiteraus A.K.A Q DOG    Apr 23, 10:04 PM   
  247. It’s dipset all fuckin day…. but this shit is funny as hell, he really raps like this

    brando    Apr 23, 11:31 PM   

    KEEM    Apr 24, 06:43 PM   
  249. cam’ron is the wackest rapper alive, fucken gay ass nigga, fuck dipshits they are all weak….tru-life babyyyyyyyy

    RICHARD    Apr 25, 06:07 PM   

    E. SMITTY    Apr 26, 09:39 AM   
  251. ^ Is that you Jadakiss?

    Rafi    Apr 26, 02:26 PM   
  252. LOL @ post 236

    VA    Apr 26, 09:24 PM   
  253. truly hilarious.

    — ya' know    Apr 27, 03:16 PM   
  254. Its pretty SAD that we can’t even tell if those are his lyrics or not…because he really is THAT bad.
    I’d rather hear Vanilla Ice or Mc Hammer, than his gay ass nursery rhymes.

    — truth    Apr 27, 03:31 PM   

    SLuGGa    Apr 27, 04:12 PM   
  256. Fucking hilarious. Love it.

    blackmistressdiva    Apr 27, 04:37 PM   
  257. Coño man, this is the best post I’ve ever seen on any message board. Whoever did this is a comic genius FOR REAL. I swear Cam’ron would really spit ish like this. I listen to his real songs and laugh just like this rhyme book. Heads need to check out Dip Set The Movie on YouTube too. They’re cartoons that are just as funny as this is.

    Boricua787    Apr 27, 07:49 PM   
  258. this is sum of the funniest shit I read cuz I used 2 fuk with cam lol

    Anyalis    Apr 29, 12:56 AM   
  259. He had to be like what,bout two when this sh*t was written.

    AtlBeauty    Apr 29, 04:33 AM   
  260. This nigga is waCk.

    — MsBritt    Apr 29, 05:25 PM   
  261. I only sort of kinda wish you all had better things to do w/your time; I did, however, get my laugh on…

    Radiogirl    Apr 29, 09:11 PM   
  262. Cam should try comedy cuz nigga iz mad funny…

    — DX    Apr 30, 01:58 AM   
  263. #227 right, you fags.

    — grut    Apr 30, 05:00 AM   
  264. Killa cam is ruthless

    skib    Apr 30, 08:29 PM   

    Thugged OUT    May 1, 04:27 PM   
  266. my nigga killa cam damn i feel da man sound reel familiar man and peciliar and we will pill da man left rite still a man then pill n da van

    b jones    May 2, 12:15 PM   
  267. yall some fuckin’ haters. get off my man Cam’s dick. it’s Dipset everyday all day, fuckin’ queers. but 4 real that shit was hilarious. i need one of those money suckin’ vacuums. seriously

    karien    May 2, 01:22 PM   
  268. WHEN I SAY FUNNY!!! i mean it!! The best part was the cartoon drawings!! lmao@best friends forever!!

    — SlimCutta    May 3, 12:04 PM   
  269. lmao, damn….that was just TOO easy. lol

    Storme    May 3, 12:44 PM   
  270. too much! i have to agree with someone that posted below, the “these are the pinks i like” is where i really totally lost it.

    redefine    May 6, 07:06 PM   
  271. Oh my… classic. Just classic.

    thebigfunk    May 6, 11:56 PM   
  272. yo this is mad funny but cant be the official shit. u niggaz r wylin. this is funny tho

    — cocaine kingpin    May 7, 12:16 AM   
  273. Aye waz ti rong wif chu ppls? my rapes is gud yo.

    ps. dunt be sniches or u is bitches

    Cam'ron    May 11, 10:01 PM   
  274. hilawious

    Peanut Master    May 16, 12:58 AM   
  275. we need updated dosages of this. please. please.

    — pookie    May 22, 03:16 AM   
  276. 63


    — 63    May 22, 10:33 AM   
  277. I love Cam’ron. He’s my big daddy. Ya dig?

    — Nick Coutinho    May 22, 10:34 AM   
  278. “i told my baby – powder”. i laughed so hard a little pee came out.

    — nike1972    May 22, 04:46 PM   
  279. Hahaha. Cam’ron is a funny ass nigga.

    — kishin7    May 24, 04:17 PM   
  280. lol. I remember the old Kam but I hooked on his nursery rhymes. compelling

    obifromsouthlondon    May 31, 10:04 AM   
  281. This shits mad Funny

    Rob Dinero    May 31, 11:13 PM   

    MATT FROM BROOKLYN    Jun 1, 02:47 PM   
  283. Killa!

    Kobayashi    Jun 1, 09:25 PM   
  284. I saw a runnin man..
    He was runnin man..
    I said do a dance..
    He did the runnin man..

    — BrazyEA515    Jun 2, 09:05 AM   
  285. I brought a quarter water..
    It was the coolest water..
    It only cost a quater..

    — BrazyEA515    Jun 2, 09:07 AM   
  286. Ron Burgundy…hahahahahahaha

    — Ty    Jun 2, 01:07 PM   
  287. Damn man, that’s hilarious material. i cried laughing.

    AkForty    Jun 4, 11:56 AM   
  288. i looked down at my feet
    while looking down at my feet
    while i was looking down at my feet
    my feet was looking back at me
    yo jimmy stop the jeep

    Revenge of the Revengers    Jun 4, 05:40 PM   
  289. hhahahahahahaha

    — mindshyne    Jun 5, 12:30 AM   
  290. this the original

    rob mack    Jun 10, 11:24 PM   
  291. this was funny. yall gott throw us a few more pages of this. monthly or weekly. i laughed til i cried. i woke up my baby and erthang but it was worth it.

    zeezy    Jun 11, 04:44 PM   
  292. yall wack asses dipset bitch!!!Dont disrespect KILLA...eastside!!!

    — ITsMEeBiTcHeS!!    Jun 12, 08:18 PM   
  293. Almost died from laughter when i saw the olympic runner legs on the cambo

    Gentle-J    Jun 17, 05:32 PM   
  294. this shit is ridiculous hahaha

    — G Money    Jun 23, 02:00 PM   
  295. this aint real… it?.....i hope not,i like cam….no homo!
    stop hattin,damn “d i p s e t” fo life,landsharx!

    sharxdale crayonz    Jun 24, 04:20 PM   
  296. if this is for real,u got to give cam his props,the lit is from his heart,stop hattin on him,dont see u guys tryin to write some sh**,how do u justify hattin?if u cant say(write)nothin possitive,why do it,goodness!

    uzi baitman    Jun 24, 04:40 PM   
  297. Yo I hope HipHopDx paid u for this cuz I first saw this on their page.

    BLieve    Jun 26, 12:35 AM   
  298. ive already read this in april, but its STILL funny as hell. my sides hurt haha

    onder    Jun 29, 02:18 PM   
  299. I swear, this looks like something Cam would actually write. I kinda feel like I should check if he already spit those lines on a track somewhere.

    Incilin    Jul 9, 11:54 AM   
  300. Very intelligent. Funniest stuff i heard this year LMFAO

    putincomputer    Jul 13, 05:24 AM   
  301. lol! im fuckin rolling!!!

    m3th    Jul 19, 09:02 AM   
  302. hiya lol*i am gdgd

    paige    Jul 21, 02:46 PM   
  303. Cam Lost

    Nas Won    Jul 30, 02:24 AM   
  304. tell me anyone would have gone to that much effort if they werent a big fan…whoever did this was a fan, and therefore not really bagging cam… cam is a genius, his wordplay is so complex that most haters dont even understand what hes saying, and this frustrates them into hating on him..

    — a dipset fan    Aug 10, 09:14 AM   
  305. LMAO at 304
    please gimme an example of this ‘complex’ wordplay. plus this post dont make no one a fan, its just tryin to make people laugh wit the funniest shit ever. XD i love this post!! i just died.

    nyz_clarity    Aug 11, 10:02 PM   
  306. This is funny no matter how many times I read it.

    Statik    Aug 14, 06:44 PM   
  307. wow 304

    haha geah i feel this one hard, soo funny

    Cam could use these lyrics

    KillaABeats    Aug 22, 11:08 AM   
  308. THIS is PRICELESS. ive ranted and raved for years about how much cam blows and how retarded his rhymes are… thank god im not the only one

    nick    Sep 12, 05:56 PM   
  309. I need a copy of this book!!! Fuckin funny… real rap… no homo…

    — James B.    Sep 27, 04:23 PM   
  310. HOLY CRAP. I think I died laughing. XD

    Red    Sep 28, 09:33 AM   
  311. hilarious now can someone explain all the jokes to me? who da fck is ron burgundy

    juba    Oct 3, 10:31 AM   
  312. ron burgundy is who will ferrell played in anchorman

    — Carolina Boy    Oct 16, 02:12 PM   
  313. I like DipSet, but I do not like Cam! Hate me if you want Im just tellin the truth!!

    DP    Oct 23, 09:24 PM   
  314. “got white that keeps me fresh like baby powder. wash my girl’s face and chest, give her a baby shower.” HAHAHAHAHHA

    “these are the pinks i like” “these are the pinks i don’t like” (sorta like this one)

    tooooooooo good. this made my day.

    Brittani    Nov 7, 10:12 PM   

    — Nigerous    Nov 11, 10:01 PM   
  316. lmfaooooo!!!! i almost got fired laughing so hard to this

    DaRell Thomas    Nov 13, 09:05 AM   
  317. this is crazy lol i dont know if those are actual cam lyrics, but if they arent, whoever did this got it on point!

    — Salemcia    Nov 14, 07:29 PM   
  318. We got dem burners dat have u burgundy, morning news nigga Ron Burgundy….
    we like muppet muppets, datz dem puppet puppets, we blast dem hornz at u, trumpet trumpet lmao

    ManiaK    Nov 17, 10:58 PM   
  319. We drink purple slurpies

    It make us burpie burpie

    Went raw on a chick and she gave me purple herpies


    — Jin    Nov 22, 05:18 AM   
  320. this shit is madd corny Cam the man he got loser taking time to do this wow

    PRINCERUDYNASIM    Nov 28, 11:40 AM   
  321. that shit was maaaad funny yo.
    you made up for even considering icp as best album of the year material (kind of…almost there.)

    juanvsshark    Dec 7, 06:29 PM   
  322. uh juggaknots is not icp juan….

    get familiar with breezly brewin and juggaknots. nyc underground.

    rafi    Dec 7, 06:32 PM   
  323. I eat that laffy taffy
    my mama named me Laff E.
    my homie Taffy slapped me
    who them dudes?
    Laff. He Taffy.

    scrillgates    Dec 8, 08:18 AM   
  324. damn for real?
    MY BAD.
    i wish i lived in new york. :[

    juanvsshark    Dec 10, 09:30 PM   
  325. 8 months later, still funny.

    adjectives agitate.

    Dem aka Get Out My Way, Pimping    Dec 30, 06:53 PM   
  326. the shits soo funny cos you know its true shoe…i always knew, now ima tell my crew, sew like brew, drinking now im stinkin, harlem harlem, purple haze, got my daisy.. she so lazy,fuked her up and dropped a stacy, she like lets go macy bought a cookie, went for a dookie..jimmy sed ballin, so i be fallin, drawllin i be crawlin. doodle poodle, got me some noodle..fuk it ill leave dat shit to Cam

    moh.p    Jan 2, 08:05 PM   
  327. Damn someone should do this on youtube. Shit is hilarious.

    MsJrabbit    Jan 9, 05:22 AM   
  328. This is HILARIOUS.

    Pleats 'n Cleats    Feb 22, 12:31 PM   
  329. Alcohol I’m swallowin’, I did some harlot hollerin’, I hit her raw in Harlem, and now my ball is throbbin’...that blog post had me ROTFLMFAO!!!

    nate.james    Mar 26, 08:50 AM   
  330. this is very funny, guy

    — sister john    Apr 1, 09:52 AM   
  331. Killa is the Tracy Morgan of rap. One love.

    Pete    May 11, 02:20 AM   
  332. Also:

    When it comes to the game I’m Mussolini
    I anal log chicks like Steve Albini
    Weenie, Oscar Mayer, Cammy Cam spit fire
    Dipset, H.B.O, more piff than The Wire

    Deep knowledge y’all acknowledge
    King bitches Whitaker Forest abolish the Scottish
    Magnum shotty fluid, smoke like a Hobbit
    Vanquished, flip flops, O.A.R at college
    Ill street blues? Money shot skeet leave a bruise
    I attack you dudes, just tap the Uz
    My U’s are more like W’s, Chuck Taylor shoes
    Your lyrics is Sisyphus, mines is Zeus

    Hark to Harold, the angel I sling
    Glory to the whole Byrdgang
    Weed on earth and Merlot mild
    Cam and Santana is reconciled

    Y’all date chicks like Alanis Morissette
    The whore is wet when I blast off like engine jets
    Plus I multitask, scientist with the flask
    Perform a mammogram while I sell ya man a gram

    Pete    May 11, 02:28 AM   
  333. i love how the tic-tac-toe is a cats game, kinda like his rhymes

    Roam    May 29, 09:58 AM   
  334. lol i will go out of my way to make sure this post gets read by many thx for the laugh . Get mor pls

    MikeDipsetGuy    Jun 27, 02:56 PM   
  335. To get the best out of this post ya really gotta read it in your head with Cam’s voice.

    LOL it’s still funny, a year later!

    sam    Jul 7, 01:12 AM   
  336. “tell me anyone would have gone to that much effort if they werent a big fan…whoever did this was a fan, and therefore not really bagging cam… cam is a genius, his wordplay is so complex that most haters dont even understand what hes saying, and this frustrates them into hating on him..”

    First off, I have gone way farther to insult somebody.

    Second, Cam and all of Dipset is garbage. Complex? He is about an complex as a second greater reading a phonix book.

    Please, do us all a favor and PLEASE translate some of lyrics into mondern day English.

    — marc    Aug 10, 09:32 PM   
  337. 1 year l8tr. This is heeelaareeeus.

    — olinz    Aug 25, 02:12 PM   
  338. still hilarious

    global74    Aug 29, 05:37 PM   
  339. Cam’s Rhyme Book > Cam’s career

    DP    Aug 31, 04:20 AM   
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  345. Look – my fella said you been coppin’ a lot
    Latest caper? Propellers on top of the drop

    from “Dipset Forever”

    lol i love the authenticity of the cambroghini

    — gohardorgohome    Mar 29, 11:31 PM   
  346. Good site, admin.

    Lexus    Apr 13, 07:14 PM   
  347. Funny as hell. I like Cam’s music though. People hate on him because his lyrics seem simple, but that’s because most of his rhymes are metaphors and street code/slang. He has a simplistic easy flowing but at the same time clever wordplay. Cam’s been around for awhile, he was put on by Biggie along with Mase and Big L

    — Illmatic77    Apr 17, 08:56 AM   
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  352. Camron has rhymes that make you think. He has his own flow. He doesnt steal from no one. Thats what makes him different, there would never be another camron. Listen to his song — Cookin Up. That shit is sick. dat nigga nice

    ghost187    Aug 20, 11:18 AM   
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  356. Kobayashi’d the whole team.Cam got some very weird references though.He’s just weird fella…

    Young Zilla    Oct 26, 02:25 PM   
  357. “cam how u stay so fresh?”
    “i told her, baby-powder”

    i’m not even kidding…this could really be actual cam lyrics…i bet he prolly took notes from this post

    john    Apr 9, 05:55 PM   
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