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keep ya head up dominique

posted on Jun 29, 2006

Dominique didn’t have the typical “this shite sucked” complaint about our Hip-Hop’s Mysteries of the Unexplainable.

Her beef was more specific…

16. I dont really like this picture because Im a big fan of Tupac and the picture makes him look funny….......

— Dominique Jun 26, 02:47 PM

That’s certainly valid boo. But don’t worry, agent b is holding you down.

He’s searched the internet for renditions of Pac that would please even Havana’s quietest resident himself.

You know we ride for the Pac-heads!

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Comments for "keep ya head up dominique"

  1. i drew a pic of pac, but i dunno how to show it to u

    Arjun    Jun 29, 07:58 PM   
  2. put exclamation points on either side of the url of the image. sounds crazy but it works….

    Rafi    Jun 29, 08:34 PM   
  3. Man, that is some great stuff. It’s even funnier when you picture a 12 year-old sitting at the kitchen table, brow furrowed in concentration as he tries to get the knot in Pac’s bandana just right.

    The most mail ever got was from the “Fake Thug Court” piece where rappers were assigned fake thug points in 2Pac icons. Even as recently as a few months ago, there was angry hate mail about it. Pac is the way.

    Reggie    Jun 30, 09:51 AM   
  4. how am i supposed to get it from my doc to the internet, it’s too big for all of the image shack websites

    Arjun    Jun 30, 05:59 PM   
  5. the one with the hat on backwards on the row next to the bottom and the one with his bandanna tied around his head in black in white the row above that are the only ones that look like him foreal but they all are talented cuz i couldnt draw no where near none of that

    nene757    Apr 20, 08:42 AM   
  6. Nice drawing

    Kay-Kay    Jun 8, 10:38 AM   
  7. so much love

    yumgsta    Sep 9, 04:50 PM