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The Complete Wu-Peanuts Collection

posted on Aug 04, 2006

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Comments for "The Complete Wu-Peanuts Collection"

  1. LOL these are funny !

    Karla    Apr 9, 06:32 PM   
  2. this shit is funny as fuck

    www/    Apr 10, 12:08 PM   
  3. thats all

    manmycockishuge    Apr 11, 05:01 AM   
  4. genius

    Tricks    Apr 11, 04:19 PM   
  5. hilarious. the ish is almost surreal…

    — KB    Apr 11, 07:53 PM   
  6. This Is Pure Genius!!! Funniest Comic Strip I’ve Seen In A Minute!

    Tha God Equality    Apr 12, 11:28 AM   
  7. aahahahahaha, stay off the crack

    Mr. Husk    Apr 16, 05:20 PM   
  8. again-roflol

    WuQueen/Dez    Apr 28, 02:05 AM   
  9. wont none of this shit funny the last one was ok

    nene757    May 8, 07:43 AM   
  10. This is the best shit I’ve seen in a minute! Do you have these in individual strips. I’d love to host them on my page… like a weekly comic or something with a link to you.

    Jordan "Madhatter" Lee    May 8, 03:02 PM   
  11. once again… brilliant

    global74    May 22, 05:29 PM   
  12. There needs to be a sequel now that Jeezy’s got that White Gurl, Christina Aguilera. You can’t kill Frosty, ayyyyyyyyyyy!

    DJ Flash    May 24, 02:57 AM   
  13. yeah, did some funny shit. im feelin it. odbza jokes. only one i didnt like was “i cant go to sleep”. sry that song is to serious to joke. peaz

    — supamushroom420    Jul 1, 02:58 AM   
  14. lol, this shit if pretty good but you need method and rae to do the METHOD man skit.

    Incilin    Jul 9, 12:05 PM   
  15. those were kinda stupid.

    — jibble    Nov 21, 04:49 PM   
  16. thank you! jeez… 15 months later and someone finally gets what we were going for!

    congrats jibble, you win the game. the site is now yours.

    Rafi    Nov 21, 04:59 PM   
  17. Yeah this is some tight shit here!

    me    Jan 26, 08:51 PM   
  18. funny

    Damian    Jan 30, 04:48 PM   
  19. this is classic

    Ron Sonatine    Feb 11, 04:04 AM   
  20. fantastic

    m    Aug 15, 12:56 AM   
  21. yo this shit is soo damn fly i gotta see more rock that shit to tha fullest the one and only wu tang white boy from tha midwest wu tang forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    doob    Nov 26, 01:47 AM   
  22. this is pure genius! tight werk ~~>

    — akadmiks    Jan 28, 05:48 AM   
  23. ODB is sooo funny, stay off the crack, Ason hahahahha

    NightShade    Mar 3, 09:09 AM