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Siah and Yeshua - The Visualz EP

posted on Sep 19, 2005 Siah and Yeshua - Gravity (Link Expired)

Siah and Yeshua - The Visualz EP

Siah and Yeshua
The Visualz EP
Fondle ‘Em Records, 1996

DJ Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em label was one of the bigger names among a small group of mid-late 90s indie stalwarts that helped to ensure the perpetuity of an NYC-based underground hip-hop scene in the days following an industry-wide major label purge of “urban” acts and imprints. Among numerous other accomplishments, Fondle ‘Em rescued the Juggaknots from contractual limbo and brought K.M.D. back. Not surprisingly, many if not most of Fondle ‘Em releases are sought-after collectibles with price tags that continue to increase in direct proportion to the pervasiveness of their legends. The Visualz EP is one such recording, perhaps more renowned for its rarity than its musical quality.

All vinyl nerd matters aside, Visualz is a solid, ambitious, and highly enjoyable piece of music. It is not, however, the major coup that many have made it out to be, unless you consider a slightly more bookish and at times laconic take on Camp-Lo’s cryptic, allusive word flurries to be a forward concept. The two Brooklynite emcees display decent chemistry, passing the mic back and forth in an unending game of one-upmanship. Like Camp-Lo, Siah and Yeshua aim to catch wreck by way of polyrhythmic smoothness; the usage of jazz samples sensibly complements this mission. The EP’s format resemble a 70s fusion release by the likes of Herbie Hancock, with the eleven-minute surrealist romp “A Day Like Any Other” serving as the longer suite composed of varying movements.

The rhyming is highly competent, if not especially distinct, and while neither Siah and Yeshua rap melodically per se, their vocals appear to have been delivered with an acute sensitivity to the swing and flow of the music. The duo’s warm, unassuming voices serve as euphonious, undistracting accompaniments to the more densely layered tracks. Their rhymes are highly studied and rehearsed but one can easily locate an improvisational spirit in the duo’s stream-of-consciousness riffing. The EP is not wholly consistent, as “No Sole’s Dopest Opus” and “Gravity” are vastly superior to the songs that tackle more accessible themes, but The Visualz is most certainly worth a listen if you can hunt down a copy.

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Comments for "Siah and Yeshua - The Visualz EP"

  1. Yo Nadav! Remember me? Craig aka Chaim Elimeliah from years ago. Surprise Lake Camp, Manhattan Beach… Whats up!?
    Chaim Elimeliah    Nov 14, 05:47 PM   
  2. Haha … say what? My name is Roger and I’ve never been near a Manhattan Beach in my life.
    R.H.S.    Nov 14, 11:28 PM   
  3. Ok, I get it now. My media assassin informs me that you thought you could communicate with Siah through this web page. Not sure why you would think that, but thanks for visiting the site!
    R.H.S.    Nov 15, 11:39 AM   
  4. you’re obviously not a hip hop fan. besides funcrusher plus, the siah and yeshua ep was the most definitive underground rap record of the late ‘90s.

    jeff artist    Feb 1, 07:57 AM   
  5. Um, I dunno man, I remember playing the shit out of artists like Tragedy, Real Live, Killarmy, Godfather Don, Sir Menelik, F.T., IG Off and Hazadus, Natural Elements, Screwball, La the Darkman, etc. What the fuck is a funcrusher plus?

    R.H.S.    Feb 1, 08:04 AM   
  6. Funcrusher Plus, debut/only full album by Company Flow. What are you fucking kidding me?

    jeff artist    Apr 3, 11:56 AM   
  7. we had to wait 2 months for you to fully miss the point?

    Rafi    Apr 3, 12:28 PM   
  8. sorry, man. i got other things going on. anyway, i love both of these records to death. that’s the main point. i’m bumping the visualz ep right now after finally tracking down a (burned) cd copy after a decade of searching.

    jeff artist    Apr 12, 09:12 PM   

    R.H.S.    Apr 12, 09:26 PM   
  10. it’s certainly not a good review, guy. you make this record sound pretty average which, in my opinion, is just off point. to each his own though and hey, your witty sarcasm more than makes up for it.

    jeff artist    Apr 13, 07:54 PM   
  11. album sux

    trev    Jul 25, 09:57 PM