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Cash Money & Marvelous - Where The Party At?

posted on Dec 21, 2005 Cash Money & Marvelous - A Real Mutha For Ya (Link Expired)
Cash Money & Marvelous - Ugly People Be Quiet (Remix) (Link Expired)

Cash Money & Marvelous - Where The Party At?

Cash Money & Marvelous
Where The Party At?
Sleeping Bag Records, 1988

DJ Cash Money, a protégé of DJ Jazzy Jeff, was merely a local legend in his hometown Philadelphia who then lived up to his nickname “The World’s Greatest DJ,” by inexplicably winning the Disco Mixing Championship, American Mixing Championship and the New Music Seminar DJ Battle For World Supremacy in 1988. He then teamed up with microphone comedian Marvelous to cut Where The Party At?, which does not veer from its intended theme for even one nanosecond. Marvelous is an affable, uninhibited host whose lowbrow humor is undeniably magnetic: even his questionable claim that he is not in fact playing or joking during a song as absurd as “Marvelous’ Drawers” is endearing. He sounds remarkably like LL Cool J but is far less concerned with the poor performance of rival rappers, although he gives sucka ducks a serious wake-up call on “Time Is Up.”

More often, Marvelous is content to summon partygoers to the dance floor, big up his DJ’s superior skills, and act a fool. He disses women with horsehair weaves (“Is It Real?”) but sarcastically extols the virtues of a non-superficial outlook on the opposite sex on the hilarious “Find An Ugly Woman.” His sense of humor is never more than juvenile, often to a fault, but his delivery is rugged enough to sound at home over Cash Money’s expertly selected drum loops and supernatural scratching. The wonderfully unruly remix of “Ugly People Be Quiet” and the engrossing JB’s flip “A Real Mutha For Ya” summarize this album’s transitional spirit: both DJ and MC share the spotlight, and both place equal emphasis on technical ability and stage presence for the benefit of the crowd. Nearly every track is a potential crowd pleaser, making Party one of the least self-involved (and most fun) rap albums you have yet to discover.

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Comments for "Cash Money & Marvelous - Where The Party At?"

  1. “Nearly every track is a potential crowd pleaser, making Party one of the least self-involved (and most fun) rap albums you have yet to discover.”

    What an inviting and clever review. I wish more reviews (in newspapers/magazines) were this well-written
    Sean    Dec 24, 12:17 PM   
  2. Cash Money and Marvelous were clearly doing the same thing the Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince were doing at the same time, but of course sleeping bag records folded and I guess Marvelous couldn’t act…

    coolout    Dec 29, 03:09 AM   
  3. I consider myself an True School (Old) School B*Boy & DJ Cash Money & Marv. are 1 of the best 1 MC & DJ crews to come out during the Hey Day of Hip Hop & Sleeping Bag Records. I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars because Cash Money should have been cuttin’ up more. Great Album for someone looking for True School Hip Hop.

    Peace …

    Qa'id Prince Ali Rashid    Jul 31, 01:26 PM   
  4. want to purchase “find an ugly woman”

    herb wong    Dec 10, 03:47 PM   
  5. I do think that Cash Money & Marvelous is one of the most slepted on hip-hop artist & DJ combination of all time…DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince should consider themselves lucky…& his lyrics does equal the skill of LL Cool J.

    Reggie Numbers    Aug 13, 01:41 PM   
  6. i would like to hear marvelous skills today

    jb    Aug 13, 08:17 PM   
  7. me and my boy k-rock used to rock the cash money and marvelous record wherever we went…back in ’88 and ’89…people were amazed by how good the record was…and most people had never (and still don’t) heard of them!

    robbie-d    Dec 31, 10:17 PM