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Wu-Tang Clan / Gravediggaz - Demos

posted on Jan 25, 2006
Wu-Tang Clan - Demo

Track Listings:

After the laughter
Bring the ruckus
Cuttin headz
Enter the wutang
It’s all about me
The wu is comin thru
Wutang master

Ahh! Here Comes The Gravediggaz
Freak The Sorceress
Pass The Shovel
2 Cups of Blood
Ashes To Ashes

By now many humans living in the world today are wise to the early Wu-Tang aesthetic. RZA’s decidedly lo-fi, ultra grimy, un-quantized beats and the Clan’s righteous yet rugged (and very often twisted and bugged) rhyming won instant adoration of critics still command attention years after their peak in sales and visibility. In retrospect, the Clan and especially RZA deserves the their eternal praise. While RZA is often noted for his strategic marketing acumen, the way that he crafted his maddeningly murky and messy beats to fit the viciously abstracted lyrics of his brethren is no less ingenius. For the avid fan, listening to early Wu demos in 2005 need not constitute a shallow exclusive indulgence. Think of it instead as the studied appreciation of a beautifully original style (some might say sub-genre) of rap that rose out of its humble stomping grounds and traveled the globe in record time. Although the initial critical blurbs that describe the Wu phenomenon as a kind of Black grunge movement seem quaintly heavy-handed, they are nearly vindicated by these demo recordings, which strain the ears but reward our efforts with plenty of “oh shit!” moments and a free ticket to the dusty, eerie, point of origin for the this signature sound.

Fortunately, these noisy, crackly scraps and outtakes transcend the simple novelty of their obscurity.The unfinished, fragmentary quality of “After The Laughter” (which eventually becomes “Tearz” on 36 Chambers) helps one to further appreciate the subtly distinctive vocal styling that accentuates the LP version’s poignantly emotional atmosphere. “Bring Da Ruckus” feels so spare and improvisational that the officialversion we hear on 36 Chambers is refined and complex in comparison. It’s a treat to hear the Wu’s idiosyncratic emcees, RZA included, attack the mic as if searching for the precise voices that could transform them from local legends and posse cut wreckers to world famous solo artists. On tracks like “It’s All About Me” and “Wu-Tang Master” the rhyming is unpolished yet original as can be: glass shard-gargling rhymes/threats brim with strange pop culture allusions. The Gravediggaz demo similarly captures an embryonic moment in the long and critically acclaimed careers of its members, accentuating the zany, grass-roots, anything-goes approach shared by RZA and Prince Paul. Listening to both demos back-to-back will prove worthwhile to fans of both groups: many of RZA’s rhymes and some of his sample choices on the Wu-Tang demo later surface on the official debut LP of the Gravediggaz, Six Feet Deep. Complete the cipher and add both demos to your growing pile of Wu memorabilia.

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  1. hi, the links dont work – same for organized / OC. great site. thanks

    ben    Jan 26, 07:46 AM   
  2. Hey Ben,

    None of the links work for you? We use CDN to help with bandwidth but it ends up creating some seconds of lag time before the download starts. So you have to be patient.

    Also I changed the first 2 wu-tang links just now to point directly to our server because there was some issue with those 2.

    Let me know if the links still don’t work for you.

    Rafi    Jan 26, 08:59 AM   
  3. the links don’t work with the exception of the first two song, try loading then posting them at i really like to hear how the rza & company put that shit together plus i like the raw unpolished nature of the tracks. great post man.

    peace tique 21

    Tique 21    Jan 26, 02:41 PM   
  4. yeah, non of the links work. same for the O.C. links.

    huphtur    Jan 26, 02:50 PM   
  5. They all work for me. I guess rap is outta control or something.

    R.H.S.    Jan 26, 02:56 PM   
  6. For the people having problems, try right clicking and doing “save link as” or “save target as”.

    Let us know if that works. If it doesn’t I’ll serve them a different way.

    rafi    Jan 26, 02:58 PM   
  7. right-clicking does not work. and this is the result with wget:



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    huphtur    Jan 26, 03:18 PM   
  8. Ok I have it going straight off our server now. It should work for you.

    I’ll probably change it back to Coral after a few days.

    rafi    Jan 26, 03:37 PM   
  9. Kickass!

    I hadn’t heard Ahh! here comes the gravediggaz since 1997 when I first got on the Internet. Since then, I have never been able to find it again but I always liked this grimey ass song.

    Thanks for posting it!

    chris    Jan 27, 12:02 AM   
  10. Thank you so much for these demos as huge fan of hip hop this is something that will be cherished and shared so keep up the good work peace.

    Bug One NJ    Jan 29, 01:49 PM   
  11. For real Wu fans, free downloads. Some dope shit.

    Schnizza    Feb 6, 11:59 PM   
  12. Damn, still doesn’t work. And I really want to get hold of those Gravediggaz demo’s! Please help out…

    Mud Buddha    Mar 16, 04:31 PM   
  13. the rza is the reason i produce music today. with out the WU who would educate todays youth on the truth.

    DC    Mar 23, 09:29 PM   
  14. Did these links ever get working? I would love to hear these tracks.

    C.O.    May 8, 12:39 PM   
  15. Thanks for these demos, much appreciated.

    — Madvillain    Aug 31, 11:38 AM   
  16. off the hooker lies desite and common sense with the undenied ops to no concluesion!!!!!

    undenied    Oct 28, 03:29 PM   
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