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Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion) / O.C. - Demos

posted on Jan 25, 2006
Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion) - Demo

Track Listings:

Simply II Postive (Organized Konfusion)
International Arrival
Coolin’ One Day
Audience Pleasers
Prisoners Of War
Mind Over Matter

A Clear Day
Brothers Are Fake
Stay Alive
Visual Picture

Organized Konfusion are one of a handful of extraordinary crews who came up under the wise tutelage of the late, great Paul C. The duo from South Jamaica, Queens, doing business as Simply II Positive, recorded a five-song demo entirely produced (and one might presume, mixed, arranged, etc.) by Paul C., who also coached Prince Po and Pharohe Monch’s soon-to-rock-and-shock-the world vocals. On the demo, one can hear the two emcees compress (some might say constrain) their overflowing notepad epics into the appealing format of neat little two and three minute topical songs. Make no mistake, their demo is bangin’. Paul C. laces them with the futuristic whodathunkit drum kits he is famous for mining and tweaking to perfection. The two wunderkinds are clearly light years ahead of most of their peers in the science of rockin’ the mic, innovating upon their influences in a manner both brainy and cool. Once mastered, this demo might have been extended into a legendary EP, and yet one definitely gets the sense that there is something being held back here.

Monch and Po venture ever so briefly into tongue-twisting paragraphs, only to revert to a more measured flow that fits Paul’s killer snares and crunchy funk samples more snugly. Paul seems to be an omni-conductor of sorts, modulating the tone and pace of both the music and the rhymes. He shapes the Simply II Positive sound into a smooth, accessible, even danceable groove, in the process possibly suppressing the emergence of the spasmodic ghetto futuristic vibe that would later characterize the music and mission of Organized Konfusion. On O.C.’s demo, we might presume that O.K. (and most likely Large Professor) are now the mentors, and they give their young protégé plenty of room to breathe. O.C. lets loose verse after verse of lyrics so ill that they could probably short-circuit a corner cipher today, spitting so furiously and fluidly that his memorable performance on his classic debut LP Word … Life, feels like an example of principled restraint. Total wreck is caught on every head-nodder track, especially the original version of “O-Zone,” which sounds like a funky, spacey, disorienting sequel to Organized Konfusion’s “Releasing Hypnotical Gases.” It is a genuine travesty that the corporate powers-that-be never took enough of a liking to OK or O.C. to give their material a fair and adequate push. That is ultimately everyone’s loss, but I’m still thankful these demos exist.

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Comments for "Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion) / O.C. - Demos"

  1. these have been floating around for a minute…oc’s demo’s are so rawww…visual picture’s hook is dirty as fvck.

    the organized demo’s are good as a historical artifact for the true ok fan. not exactly pumpin but it’s interesting hearing monch at that stage. and they quite possible had the worst first name ever.

    tsg    Jan 26, 12:24 AM   
  2. after listenin to these demos it reminds jus what were missing from rappers in this day of age. im a big O.C fan and organise but im wondering how do i obtain these particular tracks coz O.C is not even rhyming like this any more his first album word life is untouchable but the others since then are if u can let me know how i can obtain these tracks

    David Akinleye    Jan 26, 06:39 PM   
  3. What do you mean “obtain these tracks”? Didn’t you say you listened to them (meaning you were able to download them)?

    If you mean “buy a physical recording of these tracks” – the only possibility is an unofficial white label, and you’re on your own as far as finding that.

    David    Jan 26, 11:54 PM   
  4. Coolin’ and One Day are both the same file?! Any chance of having the missing one?



    The Average Man    Jan 28, 05:28 PM   
  5. It’s one song… “Cooling One Day”

    I accidentally had a line break in there. It’s been a long week.

    rafi    Jan 28, 07:13 PM   
  6. thanks again and this is something that wil be treasured for a long time peace.

    Bug One NJ    Jan 29, 01:56 PM   
  7. Jesus Christ, this song “Visual Picture” is incredible. What a great writer he was.

    Nikhil P. Yerawadekar    Jan 29, 06:07 PM   
  8. Guy with second verse on “A Clear Day” sounds a lot like AZ. I could not figure out who it was from the “O.C. representin’” outro on the track though.

    SmoothJimmyApollo    Feb 8, 08:27 PM   
  9. I own most of these but,im missing the demos can you email them to me “cheetahspweed”!!!!

    cheetahspeed    Jul 19, 05:12 PM   
  10. Hey I just recently stumbled upon your site, and I am really interested in hearing, these Demo’s along with the Wu/gravedigga Demo’s. But the link are not working… Is there any possibility of you putting them up again.


    Tobias    Jan 28, 10:11 AM   
  11. the mp3 links have been fixed. thanks for your patience.

    rafi    Mar 27, 01:02 AM   
  12. These tracks are all dope, especially “Stay Alive.”

    — gary    Mar 27, 04:49 PM   
  13. The person with OC on “A Clear Day” is named Poops. From DJ Clears mix tape. Found that out listening to 89.3 in Evanston, il in ’96.

    — Rhys    May 18, 03:51 AM   
  14. Yo, im desperatly trying to find the original sample for the joint “A Clear Day” it is a dope ass sample but not too qualitative id like to upgrade the whole beat to another level, PLEASE ANYBODY HELP ME OUT

    TS    Dec 5, 01:19 PM