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Anttex - Suburban Etiquette

posted on Sep 19, 2005 Anntex - Trip 2 The Suburbs (Link Expired)
Anttex - Understand Me Vanessa (Link Expired)

Anttex - Suburban Etiquette

Suburban Etiquette
Tuff City, 1991

Anttex hails from a non-descript middle-class neighborhood in southeastern Queens and wears this association ironically but not without a little pride, taking great delight in satirizing his peculiar surroundings. His narration alternates between a meticulous account of the most mundane aspects of suburbia and a hilariously scandalous exposé of its surprisingly sinister underbelly. The suburb according to Anttex is a perverse outgrowth of the famous Queens ghettoes that birthed most of your favorite rappers. This is neither Rakim’s transcendent birthplace nor Run DMC’s beloved Hollis hometown, but a section where crime and depravity are more readily attributable to the complacence of material comfort than systemic inequality.

Fittingly, Anttex’s influences range from the highly technical and absurdly violent storytelling of Queensbridge revivalists like Tragedy or Poet to the self-deprecating, idiosyncratic class critique of De La Soul. His beats sound like deliberately sloppy send-ups of Prince Paul’s already eccentric funk, sounding too excitable, perhaps even nervous. Sometimes the drums are THERE, sometimes not so much; sometimes the flows are tight and sometimes they falter. This approach results in music that is compellingly retarded and loads of fun, a powerful ‘89-’91 boom-bap tinged with ‘79-’81 camp that is more than just a little strange.

Anttex plays tour guide on the boomin’ “Trip 2 The Suburbs,” and skewers middle-class naiveté/paranoia while observing the presence of your standard skeezers, trigger-happy hoodlums, and battling emcees in an area where the “houses are bigger!” The smarmy tone and trunk funk sound is maintained on “Get Em Now Bad Influence” and “Flavor Wit The Neighbors” while cuts like “Warning Flammable,” a blatant parody of De La’s “Jenifa Taught Me,” extend the tongue-in-cheek critique beyond gossipy neighbors and well-heeled thugs on to other tongue-in-cheek suburban rappers.

By the time that a pre-pubescent Havoc drops a quaintly amateur guest verse on “As the World Turns,” Anttex’s suburb closely resembles the Brentwood, L.I. of EPMD’s enterprising imagination, a locale where a bougie house party can turn raucous and end in either serious ep-swinging or gunplay. Most appropriately, his flow resembles a cross between Parrish Smith’s deadpan steez and LL’s whispery sleaze. The album’s true gem is “Understand Me Vanessa,” whose lush, whirling, otherworldly synth and electric piano samples house an incomprehensibly mean-spirited and seemingly unprovoked diatribe addressed to an ex-lover. Don’t get it? Maybe you had to be there.

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Comments for "Anttex - Suburban Etiquette"

  1. I always wondered about Vanessa? Damn, I nearly forgot about Anttex. Gotta keep digging. Thanks!
    ChrisMaestro    Nov 17, 01:13 AM   
  2. Ho,vanessa,ho vanessa yo. Yeah Ive been looking for info about this for years…no one else rembered it.
    keatso    Dec 12, 12:38 AM   
  3. I remembered this song from way back, but I’m not able to find it on-line or at record sources…I was misspelling the name of the group..”Antex” lol

    lordramsey    Jan 25, 04:14 PM   

    Jaz    Mar 21, 12:27 AM   
  5. A friend told me to read your review and I begrudgingly agreed. Have to say it’s the most accurate review I read about my album. Pretty much describes where my head was at the time. LOL. Almost makes me miss being a rapper.

    Oh Word,


    Anttex    May 22, 11:04 PM   
  6. That’s fucking cool ^

    rafi    May 23, 07:50 AM   
  7. I have been looking for this album for years. It was one of the last Tapes I ever bought and got lost in my first car a 81 Carola. I used to tell people that this was Mobb Deeps first comercial apperance but no one knew what I was talking about. “Lil Hav” “Lil Prod” “Just sit back and watch the world turn” I guess I always got the name wrong, thought it was Antax. And I thought the song was called “Vanessa Ohh” But its great to see someone besides me listened to this. I love Hip-Hop and I’m glad people are out there documenting all of it not just the commercial.

    Post a copy of the Album if Antexx oks it. Or contact me to exchange.

    Biz    Jun 6, 11:11 PM   
  8. Holla at me I was and still am ANTTEX’S Manager :0)I’ll give you the website to pick up all the ANTTEX records we did.Some you may not have heard..

    Big Mel AKA BDJ    Oct 15, 11:46 PM   
  9. Why not just post up the link right here, Big Mel?

    David    Oct 16, 03:22 PM   
  10. Should I be suspicious that Big Mel claims to be Anttex’s manager and yet in this same thread Anttex says that this review “almost makes me miss being a rapper”?

    R.H.S.    Oct 16, 04:44 PM   
  11. When I first heard “Understand Me Vanessa” I thought the melody, beats and smooth rhyming was pretty much the sound that would become my favorite. I actually searched for this album for years, finally finding it on tape after ordering it from a local store. After hyping it up in my mind after all those years, it was much different finally hearing it again. Still, Anttex was a classic to me. I lived around the same streets in Queens back when this was produced. One helluva review, I must say. Glad to see that even Anttex himself read it.

    Jaleel    Apr 6, 01:46 AM   
  12. I love understand me vanessa. I have been looking for this song for at least 15 years. Glad it’s still around.

    Gravity    Apr 9, 04:26 PM   
  13. i got this one on vinyl.
    but the cover’s in b/w.
    still search for an song
    not on that. heard the
    same time on westwood.
    props on that review.

    — dondon    Aug 2, 06:30 PM   
  14. i too am one of the many people that searched like hell for this album for a while. i did eventually find it and am so glad!!still play it to this day.i hear that the understand me vanessa remix is tight as well. if anyone knows where i can get that(or at least hear the audio)get at me!

    tanekag77    Aug 4, 06:04 AM