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Son of Bazerk - Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk

posted on Sep 19, 2005 Son of Bazerk - Lifestyles of the Blacks in the Brick (Link Expired)
Son Of Bazerk - The Band Gets Swivey On the Wheels (Link Expired)

Son of Bazerk - Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk

Son of Bazerk
Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk
MCA, 1991

The packaging of the Bomb Squad-produced Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk pays unsubtle but loving homage to the highly memorable cover art of James Brown’s debut LP Please, Please, Please. By now it is an axiomatic truth that The Godfather of Soul has influenced innumerable hip-hop artists, but his presence is nearly palpable on this album. The wily half-sung, half-shouted raps are more than just vaguely reminiscent of Brown’s signature yelps and assorted spastic outbursts. But that’s not even the half of it. While Son of Bazerk and his rapping/singing/shouting cohorts try their hardest to emulate the feeling of a JBs performance at a fever pitch, it is the Bomb Squad who truly channel Brown’s spirit and steal the show. Although It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is widely regarded as the apex of the Bomb Squad’s hyperkinetic production, this album sees the famed Strong Island production team take their relentless sensory assault one step further. The music is at times dense and unsettling; saxophones scronk amid quick guitar licks while solid boom-bap drums anchor all varieties of scale-climbing solos. Bazerk’s wall of sound overwhelms and captivates, but repeated listens reveal the methods governing the dizzying madness. The samples are so brilliantly selected and carefully placed that even the most cacophonous arrangements sound like the work of a finely tuned if overworked live band. The ecstatic noise of songs like “The Band Gets Swivey on the Wheels” dominates much of the album, but the listener is also treated to sublimely hypnotic moments, like when the guitars pan between the left and right channels on the relatively tranquil “Lifestyles of the Blacks in the Brick.” Conspicuously experimental moves like the ballsy borrowing of the central guitar riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on the track “One Time for the Rebel,” exemplify the Bomb Squad’s knack for creating rap music that functions as both a reverently nostalgic and unnervingly innovative source of modern funk.

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Comments for "Son of Bazerk - Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk"

  1. Umm.. how u review this album and dont mention J Dubs Theme? Best cut on the album.. and the only one tht got any play.. out in NY/NJ anyway.. I hated this album.. still do. but that J Dub.. oooohwee
    MadMofo    Oct 10, 10:02 AM   
  2. I gotta (partially) co-sign with MadMofo. J-Dub’s Theme was one of my secret weapons when I needed the party to jump off, but I loved that whole album and put mad heads in my area onto it!
    julaybeeb    Dec 8, 02:53 PM   
  3. i never heard the album… but this review has inspired me to go cop it!

    piotreksea    Jan 29, 05:18 PM   
  4. I loved this lp, probably more now. Anyone know what was the connetion between these cats and Kings Of Pressure, and probably PE? Other than the fact they’re all from the Island.

    fosterakahunter    Feb 19, 01:04 PM   
  5. as the only female in the group it was a great experience with everyone. for those who don’t know bazerk , daddy raw and jahwell were kings of pressure first and worked with PE extensively for i am happy that people could appreeciate where were comin from and what we were tryin to accomplish much love to all

    halfpint    Sep 26, 02:33 PM   
  6. A record store in Ann Arbor gave me this CD for free because they thought it was too scratched up to ever play properly. They were WRONG and I was VERY HAPPY. This album is an underrated classic. Shame it doesn’t include the Juice soundtrack classic “What Could Be Better BITCH” but what’cha gonna do.

    DJ Flash    Sep 28, 04:50 AM   
  7. I love this album. Maybe the last hip hop album I loved before it turned out to Bling Bling, girls in jacuzzis and rides in hummers.
    The album does include “What could be better B****”. Maybe you have a promo edition.

    FredfromParis    Oct 10, 05:06 AM   
  8. ^^ Wow, 1991 is an early cutoff for being a boom-bap dinosaur.

    But I take issue with your argument anyway – ever see the cover to BDK’s second album?

    David    Oct 10, 11:56 AM   
  9. This is my shit to this day. :throws on LP:

    HalfKneegrow    Jul 15, 07:38 PM   
  10. this is the album, change the style is my cut along with what could be better b***h and j dub’s theme. why is it that itunes will put new jacked up shyte on their website but stuff like this won’t see the light of day! WTF Paulie, WTF!

    jerseyboy    Aug 7, 02:48 PM   
  11. this is one of the greatest albums ever assembled.

    no one gets it.

    and i love it that way.

    ?uestlove    Feb 9, 10:38 AM   
  12. ?uestlove! In before close of hip-hop site… awesome.

    ?uest, last night I was looking up slum village vids on youtube and came across this messed up comment about “Climax”.

    That’s the one that opens with Gary Coleman in a big afro wig. Dude on youtube said:

    “was that ?uestlove against the wall in the beginning?”

    I thought you might enjoy that.

    Yes, Son of Bazerk is one of the greats! Maybe we will go in on it more properly in the future.

    Rafi    Feb 9, 12:25 PM   
  13. fuckin genius

    jonjon    Feb 10, 04:12 PM   
  14. I bought this album when it first came out – can’t remember what initially made me choose it. But it’s fantastic and I liked it more than I ever thought I would. Can’t believe you only discovered it in 2005!!!

    Zaphod    Apr 2, 04:11 AM   

    t.a.    Jan 27, 08:02 AM