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Kurious - A Constipated Monkey

posted on Sep 19, 2005 Kurious - Walk Like A Duck (Link Expired)
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Kurious - A Constipated Monkey

A Constipated Monkey
Columbia, 1994

Of all the golden era rap records that are known to inspire feelings of nostalgia in today’s jaded listener, it is possible that Kurious’ A Constipated Monkey tugs at a b-boy’s heartstrings the hardest. This is not due to its impact or quality, but because Harlem’s Kurious embodies the naturally positive and joyous attitude that is romantically linked to hip-hop of the past. Such qualities are immortalized in his goofy “Walk Like A Duck” video and are nicely complemented by his everyman perspective. Kurious covers standard ground like getting laid, rocking the mic, and sparking L’s, but he also recounts a childhood of poverty and chronicles his longstanding insecurities with a great measure of humility. Like Biggie or Ice Cube, his music is memorable because of its blunt honesty; unlike some of his increasingly obsolete peers he can engage in raw self-expression without adopting a disingenuous gangster or pimp persona.

While “Nikole” is a frank, innocent expression of romantic frustration that even the Pharcyde would be hard-pressed to pull off, listeners should not view the endearing humanity of this album as a sign of weakness. Kurious carves a comfortable niche for himself alongside crony Kadi’s account of “the bitches that fuck then swallow the nut” and MF Grimm’s talk of a nine-milimeter handgun looking pretty when pressed up against a foe’s skull. A Constipated Monkey’s many guest collaborations do not result in cutting sessions because Kurious and company work off of each other to create cohesive songs. The album is held together by the production, which comes primarily from the Beatnuts and the Stimulated Dummies, although the album’s standout, the reflective “I’m Kurious,” is a creation of Pete Nice and Daddy Rich of 3rd Bass fame. For the most part the beats are not mind-blowing, but they are all warm and organic, as is the rhyming. A Constipated Monkey is an uncontrived feel-good album, and for this reason it is remembered fondly today even if it remains overshadowed by several other 1994 releases.

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Comments for "Kurious - A Constipated Monkey"

  1. constipated monkey has withstood the test of time.if it came out today i would buy it.kurious made one of my favorite cd, but whatever happened to him

    gabe    May 12, 10:26 PM   
  2. Classic material. Must have. “Uptown Shit” is incredible and Beatnuts produces incredible beats here as they use to.

    El Maese    Oct 10, 05:47 AM   
  3. This is one of the all time classic albums – still slept on to this day.

    Mixx    Mar 5, 11:20 AM   
  4. im bumping this shit right now. kurious actually did some work with doom on operation doomsday-and is a member of monster island czars for those who be knowin.

    CLUBSCOUT    May 28, 03:51 PM   
  5. Yup, he has a site up on myspace..and is even working on a new album!

    mazeone    Apr 24, 05:48 PM   
  6. This is classic material! Beatnuts, SD50’s, and Pete Nice & Daddy Rich. Kurious wit the clever wordplay.

    Kurious was recently on Butta Verses’ joint “It’s Them” over a dope beat by V.I.C.

    thrILL!    Mar 19, 08:48 PM