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Trends of Culture - Trendz

posted on Sep 19, 2005 Trends of Culture - Crotch Ripper / Mad Speaker (Link Expired)
Trends Of Culture - Off and On (Link Expired)

Trendz - Trends of Culture

Trends of Culture
Mad Sounds, 1993

Aside from one well-received single in 1995,Trends Of Culture more or less disappeared after releasing a first-rate piece of music in the form of their 1993 album, Trendz. The LP makes an inferior, but worthy, companion piece to contemporaneous releases like Enter The Wu-Tang and Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage. Trendz is a dark yet lively record that playfully glorifies a mildly sociopathic lifestyle. Emcee Nastee is the standout member of the trio, combining an uninhibited musical delivery with the braggadocio of Lord Finesse. The other members, Grapevine and M.O.L., also hold their own as rappers and while they may not be as compelling or vocally gifted as Nastee, they each have several moments of great rhyming. M.O.L., the album’s primary producer, uses clever breaks and samples from the world of 70’s jazz and 80’s R&B to create a mood that is both melodic and rugged. The songs on Trendz display a variety of flavors without making the album feel disjointed, and as a result things stay interesting throughout, from “Mad Flavor Mad Styles,” a funky party record, to the hazy and bleak “Crotch Ripper/Mad Speaker.”

The group’s success comes from carefully mastering reigning rap trends and drawing upon great past influences—a Das Efx flavor can be detected in the deliveries of all three emcees, and Grapevine is at times difficult to distinguish from Grand Puba. But they are far from biters, as they show an equal appreciation for not-so-trendy music as well, quoting Gershwin and leaving the quirky keyboard solo from Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” intact in “Valley Of The Skinz.” Though listeners who become immersed in this specific genre of music (early-to-mid-nineties New York City hip-hop) may not agree, Trends Of Culture lack the lyrical originality needed in order to be considered as memorable as their better known peers, but that doesn’t mean that their music isn’t enjoyable. Trendz is a well-crafted album that dark but not morose, cheeky without being obnoxious, and grimy without being overly rowdy. With no filler, effective pacing, and most importantly, excellent songs such as “Fuck What Ya Heard” and the lead single “Off & On,” it is hard to listen to Trendz without wondering why these three were not given the opportunity to release a proper follow-up.

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Comments for "Trends of Culture - Trendz"

  1. i jus lik to say that i think trendz is still to this day one of the best albums from begin 2 end

    shiz    Sep 13, 06:42 PM   
  2. Just watched the video, off an on you brothas was bangin in 93 still bangin, how can i get the cd

    ray dogg    Jan 2, 05:46 PM   
  3. off and on instrumental is the illest . raekwon dropped a verse on this shit once…nearly shit on myself…

    Kane One    Feb 5, 08:28 AM   
  4. Im white as fuck but hiphop is my one love and Trendz, followed closely by Souls of Mischief 93 til infinity is the one best CD i ever bought

    highlikecocaine    Sep 20, 01:11 PM   
  5. there it is baby pa!    Dec 4, 10:28 PM   
  6. whats up with trendz of culture in off and on “Im nas that nigga with the hymns… nas aka nas-t” etcetera, looks like nas bit hard off these cats

    — fuck that shit    Feb 13, 07:42 PM   
  7. dang. i almost forgot about this album. thanks ‘oh word’ for the memories.

    theREALrob    Feb 14, 05:18 AM   
  8. i want some reference data on cultural sub sustem.plase send it to me.

    imran    Jul 16, 03:35 AM   
  9. Yeah Back In The Day, When Hip Hop Was Hip Hop, Real Rap Music.
    Well, My Favorite Was “Valley Of The Skinz” N “Off And On”
    I Still Listening Em, Old School, Underground And Golden Era Forever, Fuck Rap Nowadays, Fuck 50 Cent, Fuck Lil’ Wayne, What More Can I Say…. that they are shit music.

    — Lord-O-Word    Nov 13, 09:35 PM   
  10. we are back
    new album dec 2nd 2008
    2 new singles out now on i-tunes
    thanks for all the love hit us on

    TRENDZ OF CULTURE    Dec 1, 01:40 AM   
  11. Trendz was one of the illest groups to touch a mic back in the early 1990s,word life!

    Kevin Brown    Jan 23, 11:52 AM   
  12. This was one of the most blessed most slept on albums i ever heard or owned.

    — Selasie's Son    Aug 4, 10:23 AM