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Large Professor - The LP

posted on Nov 01, 2005 Large Professor - For My People (Link Expired)
Large Professor - Get Off Dat Bullshit (Link Expired)

The Large Professor - The LP

Large Professor
The LP

A poorly-pressed vinyl edition of Large Professor’s shelved solo album (originally slated for a 1995 release on Geffen) made rounds on the bootleg circuit in the late 90s, generating even more hype for the long-awaited magnum opus by the genius behind the Main Source. However, it was not until the CD version was given away with online orders of Large Pro’s poorly received 1st Class (Matador, 2002) that The LP was given a remotely fair chance to shine. It might have been worth the wait, though – The LP is every bit the classic you pined for since 1993. The musical promise and innovation, (if not necessarily the surprising lyrical acumen) that Large Pro displayed on Main Source’s Breakin’ Atoms is present on this album, and he even lets his guard down to craft a more eclectic range of sounds.

The album gets off to an incredible start: “Listen (Blast Off)” sees the veteran flow slowly and matter-of-factly over a simple, down-tempo track powered mostly by bass-heavy drums. Nas drops a gem for the ages on the somber but too brief “One Plus One,” and Large Pro comes off believably rough on the much louder and faster “Hard.” “Spacey” is deeply funky jeep music and as it’s title suggests, sounds like a future-minded update of the Breakin’ Atoms sound. “For My People” is sweetly melodic yet hard enough to evoke the fusion-jazz inspired, nearly mystical vibe that permeates A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders (an album rife with studio contributions from Large Pro). The most impressive track, both lyrically and musically, might be “Get Off That Bullshit,” which flips a Cannonball Adderly jam into a denunciation of move fakers great and small.

The LP is not without its missteps: “Have Fun” and “Dancing Girl” are forgettable, frivolous filler cuts on an album packed with stoic seminars in crate digging. The two tracks that were released on 12”, the mixshow classic “Ijusswannachill” and “The Mad Scientist” were warmly welcomed a decade ago, but today sound humdrum in comparison to the album’s better tracks. On the majority of The LP, Large Pro sounds a bit too subdued on the mic, and listeners looking for verses as venomous as those on “Snake Eyes” will be disappointed. Most of the hooks are unintentionally hilarious repetitions of the song’s title. Die-hard completists may very well lament the inexplicable exclusion of the posse cut “Queens Lounge.” And yet, despite these flaws, The LP nearly lives up to its legend and proves to be a treat for any Main Source fan.

Track Listing:

1. Listen (Blast Off)
2. One Plus One
3. Hard
4. Spacey
5. For My People
6. Dancing Girl
7. Hungry
8. Get Off That Bullshit
9. Funky 2 Listen 2
10. Have Fun
11. Ijuswannachill
12. The Mad Scientist

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Comments for "Large Professor - The LP"

  1. Man I love what you’re doing with this site…Almost as much as I love “The LP”. As a proud owner of doubles of this fine album I was quite pleased with the review and the ability to download my favorite track of all time “For My People” for some of my people. Was wondering if you could do a write up on
    Pep Love’s “Ascension Side C”. I’ve only heard “Field of Dreams” off of it and would definetly like to hear more and know more on the CD, if you have any info. Appreciate the site; keep up the great work.
    notes from underground    Dec 6, 11:48 AM   
  2. Thanks for the kinds words. “For My People” is an amazing song, basically the type of shit that artists like Little Brother and Kanye try so desperately to recapture (usually failing).

    I have never heard “Ascension Side C” but I am always down to cover obscure releases and side projects—in fact, I was planning on covering the Hiero Oldies 1+2 and The Prose album in the near future. Is “Side C” a bunch of cuts that didn’t make it to “Ascension”?
    R.H.S.    Dec 6, 07:05 PM   
  3. Yeah “Side C” is 11 tracks that for some reason or another did not make it on to the o.g. “Ascension” album. I actually just got a copy of it thanks to Al Gore’s Internet! If you’d like I can either post it here or e-mail it to you.
    notes from underground    Dec 7, 02:09 PM   
  4. e-mail works – much appreciated!
    R.H.S.    Dec 7, 02:31 PM   
  5. On it’s way!
    notes from underground    Dec 7, 02:58 PM   
  6. eyh man,..this site is hot,..but i wonder if you could help me find something about the DJ-Icey J,...he made “it takes a real man” that was made towards Rob Base and easy rock, you have that or remember that song? and what about Prince Johhny C ,...that kid had spit some furios rhymes but i cant seem to get none album,..that a collection i would want ,..anyways thankx man ,..peace
    dsamplz    Dec 8, 09:00 PM   
  7. I love main source and of course when I heard this was coming out I bought the single “mad scientist” with “spacey” as the b side. unfortunately I had to wait for 1st class before I could hear a solo lp from lp. does any one know how I can get a copy of the cd? please help!!
    rah    Dec 9, 10:28 PM   
  8. I’ve been fiendin’ for this cd forever! Where can i pick it up in the NYC area? I don’t like downloading, but if that’s the only way can somebody send me a link?

    col'    Dec 7, 09:25 AM   
  9. I think ‘For My People’ is an absolute classic and basically outshines the rest of the album – no mean feat given the quality throughout.

    Site’s great, nice one.


    Dan Love    Feb 12, 10:29 AM   
  10. i’m trying to get a copy of lp…....please let me know where i can find it…...i love ‘for my people’.....gotta have it

    michael christian    May 3, 05:18 PM   

    cione    Oct 19, 02:28 AM   
  12. “dancing girl” a misstep? that was my fav song on the lp. and i know i don’t have bad taste in music.

    RUDOLPH LYRICZ    Feb 8, 07:17 PM   
  13. large pro is real hip hop. i need to get my hands on this album. can anyone tell me where i can purchase it?

    mike    Apr 10, 02:37 PM   
  14. Well I sing on dancin’ girl and it’s hip hop, what more can I say…

    Leonard Dixon    Oct 2, 02:51 PM