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Cormega - The Testament

posted on Nov 01, 2005 Cormega - Dead Man Walking (Link Expired)
Cormega f. Mobb Deep - Killaz Theme (Link Expired)

Cormega - The Testament

The Testament
Legal Hustle, 2005

Cormega’s The Testament was for eight years one of the albums of legend, an unreleased classic in the eyes of numerous hip-hop fans, whose rep grew bigger every time a song leaked. Cormega finally managed to buy back the masters from Def Jam and retool it for release the way he wanted it to sound. In the harsh light of day, the album is good, but it is predictably not as good as its reputation suggested.

According to an interview, Cormega’s only changes to the individual songs were to have them mixed by their original producers, as opposed to by a Def Jam engineer. Other changes include the omission of a label-requested Carl Thomas collab and the inclusion of two versions of the title track. While the first change is understandable, the second change breaks the flow of the middle of the album by placing one version after another. The second version of “The Testament,” with rearranged drums and lyrics and the excision of a subliminal Nas diss (another A&R request/order), would have worked better as a bonus track.

In some ways, this album feels more like a retrospective compilation than an actual throwback album. Instead of offering a single view of Cormega’s early style, The Testament actually displays a variety of styles, and it would have had elements of the retrospective even if Def Jam had released it as planned in 1997 or 1998. “One Love,” surprisingly produced by Wu-Tang mentor RNS, is a response to Nas’ “One Love,” already three or four years old at the time it was recorded. “Dead Man Walking,” with its simple rhyme schemes and conventional flow, lacks the introspective attention to detail found in Cormega’s mature work, but makes up for it with its tense beat, courtesy of QB old-schooler Hot Day. On the other hand, songs like “Montana Diary” and “Killaz Theme” (which features an outstanding Prodigy verse) typify the late-90s glossy warlord steelo found on albums by Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, and other Scarface-worshipping New Yorkers.

The sharpest display of Cormega’s lyrical growth between the recording and release of The Testament is found on the recently recorded hidden bonus track “Dead Man Walking Part 2,” which details the events that occur after the gonzo shoot-‘em-up of the first episode. There is little action, but the result is far more chilling, due to Cormega’s current ability to portray the emotions that lie beneath. Cormega is one of the few rap artists to have noticeably improved his lyrical ability with age, and while the work found on The Testament is good, it only hints at his potential.

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    Moebetta    Oct 22, 07:24 PM   
  2. Mega is the dopest MC of these times, I’ve been in the streets you know and we all struggling and if me and my homegirl get our Baltimore Magazine off the ground I want him in it-real talk…I’m probably the only female who knows all the right words to all Mega’s songs, even when he was cool with Foxx and Nas and em’-look I’m a profressional business woman with a degree and all, came from the streets but I am doing my thing but still Mega touches me through lyrics like no other dude can thru the physical. He just real and 100, so look when you gon do a concert or something Mega???? So many people dont even know you are ill, and got a sick flow. LOL, you would think I was on your team the way I bang and promote yo shit, I get in agruments all the time with dudes, over you, just want you to know that, Mega!

    Sheeda    Dec 21, 04:48 PM   
  3. If you want Cormega to get your message, you’ve come to the right place.

    rafi    Dec 21, 04:59 PM   
  4. Cormega is the only rapper that comes to mind when it comes to realness. Lyrically gifted and truthful with it, how many ppl we got out there like him

    — KiengKoopa    Nov 11, 04:01 AM   
  5. I’m Serbian, belgrade is my native city, country with political problems/ strongly willed people/ Idiots endangering our free existance, but nothing than pussies/ we are god-blessed nation, and nothing can stop us now/ waiting for exact moment, to strike you down/ while you were smelling flowers, we were catching bombs/ they were burning our towers down, mothers crying, children dying, soldiers fighting/ that’s what we’d seen for past years,months, days and hours!

    boyanz    May 15, 12:31 PM   
  6. Mega=Realness

    — Gordon    Dec 1, 02:27 PM