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Snowgoons - German Lugers

posted on Jul 18, 2007

Snowgoons featuring Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raze – Gunz

German Lugers
Babygrande, 2007

If this had dropped in 1999 it would have been the shit. Back then, guys like Last Emperor and Afu Ra actually had fans. The problem is, kids who used to cop underground boom-bap have abandoned it for independent rock. DJ Waxwork and DJ Illegal are German though, so maybe they only just caught on to the indy rap explosion. Truth be told, things start off pretty well, as the ‘Goons’ JMT/Non-Phixion-influenced production boasts tight drum programming and orchestral drama out the ying-yang, which seems to be what the kiddies are into these days. Reef, Celph Titled, Sean Price and Jus Allah all present strong arguments, and a solo turn from Wise Intelligent over a buttery loop only serves to strengthen the case. But just as you settle in for the ride, it all goes to shit. Suddenly we’re expected to endure guys like El Da Sensai and Baby Blak, who weren’t much chop in their heyday, and are even less so now.

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Comments for "Snowgoons - German Lugers"

  1. My main beef with this album is the thin production. It’s all treble with squealing vocal samples and high strings, terrible. Or is it just the copy I acquired..?

    That Wise Intelligent song is dope, though. On that song I can get over the beat.

    Perttu    Jul 19, 03:30 AM   
  2. itunes command: delete > remove > move to trash

    Just    Jul 19, 09:20 AM   
  3. “Wait A Minute” by the Kreators is quality. I agree with the ‘thin’ production, but sometimes a fire loop can be set off with the right bass and some snappy drums.

    Deviate23    Jul 28, 02:20 PM   
  4. i got bored. reeeal quick!
    $16.00 dollars down the drain! that could have been 16 records from the dollar bin.

    — Stizzy    Jul 29, 01:44 PM   
  5. I dont even need to suck cock to realize that oh word got big nuts fed to them by coluhn powell…

    — mr. fuck this    Aug 4, 03:47 AM   
  6. Even if you hated almost the entire album “Who What When Where” is still undeniably fire; Celph and Majik Most rip the hell out of that track. And trust me, I’ve heard way worse albums than Snowgoons in 2007. WAYYYYYYYYY worse.

    DJ Flash    Aug 9, 10:13 PM   
  7. A couple of the songs on there were pretty fantastic (the Reef one, “Who What When Where,” “Gunz” if only for the hilariously ignorant Jus Allah verse), but the Snowgoons’ production is just so same-y and boring.

    Train    Aug 25, 04:43 PM   
  8. wtf happened to jus allah’s voice

    — akira    Aug 25, 06:41 PM   
  9. I think the album is fire. Think about it, Wu Tang beats were not all that different from these minus so bass. Just that this is now and that was then and everyone has their hip pop mind f*&king going on. New Hip hop is junk, 90 percent is pure crap, straight pussified. The older early to early-mid 90’s was fire. So even looking at it that way it’s still fire. just face is it’s hot, you just ain’t seasoned yet. PS. Jus Allah has been terrible for a grip now.

    Army of Emporer    Dec 27, 11:40 AM   
  10. man jus allah sounds shitty these days…but sean p naw mean

    damian    Jan 29, 11:43 PM   
  11. ..despite spiriling down of the album towards the end., it sounded aiyt to me. some dope tracks., like Gunz., and some messed up ones like the Last emperor’s track.

    AveNtien    Nov 6, 07:36 AM