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Jemini The Gifted One - Scars And Pain EP

posted on Nov 29, 2005 Jemini The Gifted One - Story Of My Life (Link Expired)
Jemini The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids (Link Expired)

Jemini The Gifted One - Scars And Pain

Jemini The Gifted One
Scars and Pain EP
Polygram/Mercury (promo-only), 1995

Before Jemini joined forces with producer Dangermouse to record Ghetto Pop Life (Lex, 2003), he was just another up and coming emcee reppin’ Homicide Central, East New York, Planet Brooklyn. Recognizing natural talent, the folks at Polygram/Mercury Records were wise enough to add him to their roster in 1995. They even took the step of pressing up a limited number of official-looking vinyl promo copies of his Scars and Pain EP, presumably to generate hype for an imminent long-player release. Although this EP boasts a full picture cover and heavy-duty tough work beats by Minnesota (“Brooklyn Kids”), Organized Konfusion (“Funk Soul Sensation”), and Buckwild (“Story Of My Life”), the LP was never-to-be. The project was inexplicably sabotaged and judging by this electrifying introduction to Jemini’s wonderfully schizophrenic self-presentation, we are all worse off as a result.

“Funk-Soul” sensation is a brainy party groove that showcases Jemini’s tandem personas, one a high-pitched and slightly nasal party rocker and the other a baritone corner cipher spitter. In the hands of another less clever emcee, the concept may have devolved into corny gimmickry, but Jemini’s old-school charisma and child-like enthusiasm is contagious. Jemini is very much a product of the mid-90s New York scene – nimble-tongued and long-winded even when throwing his A-level game at the honies on the simple and sultry “Batyflo” – and yet the EP is as eclectic as it gets. Although each beat is fairly distinctive and bangs hard, the EP remains both accessible and cohesive. The boom-bap breaks are in full effect, but in the cleaner drums and minimalist tracks one hears a subtle homage to pre-1987 production values, which complements Jemini’s impassioned park jam styles.

As its title suggests however, Scars and Pain is more concerned with exposing the miseries of ghetto life and securing moments of uplift and redemption than glossing over ills in joyous ignorance. “Story Of My Life” is a melodic, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes pained, ultimately optimistic song, reminiscent of Organized Konfusion’s “Maintain” or O.C.’s “Born 2 Live.” On this cut, Jemini employs the half-singing, half-flowing style that he later perfects on Ghetto Pop Life. On “Brooklyn Kids,” Jemini relates a soberly poignant depiction of poverty and crime in central Brooklyn’s blighted neighborhoods in a more straightforward but no less impassioned style. He wraps his reflective yet anguished verse around the pulsing, urgent track and forces you to feel the vibe in real time. This honest and emotive approach separates Jemini’s EP from the pack of poorly executed contrivances present in any era of rap – by the close of this short recording most listeners will recognize the art (and artfulness) of his two-faced excess.

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Comments for "Jemini The Gifted One - Scars And Pain EP"

  1. I remember reviewing this EP when I used to write for The Flavor magazine out here in Seattle. Dude impressed me with his flows, and I felt he might make a name for himself. Shame his album got yanked and it took him till after 2K to drop more joints.
    julaybeeb    Dec 8, 05:11 PM   
  2. yo I brought it too ..the rymes were ok and the beat knocked .. hip hop down memory lane

    Daze One    Jan 31, 12:39 PM   
  3. If anyone has that Jemini-Scars and Pain album.. Holla @ me.. I’ve been tryin’ to get my hands on it for years.. I got ‘nuff classic Hip Hop to exchange and make it worth your while.. peace..

    mreman    May 3, 08:34 PM   
  4. wack! with a capital W

    I’m the greatest MC in the world period. UK team for life!

    Get ready for the takeover!

    Me and Lyrican will rule this shit!

    Jemini is the wackest MC since Serious and John Forte!

    master    Jun 12, 05:22 AM   
  5. Biggie smalls is probably the wackest MC on the face of the earth!

    Why do people like this guy?

    He is shit! Shitest rapper I have ever heard!

    Im a gangster from longsight Manchester and none of you fuckers can fuck with me!

    you’ll get shot or stabbed if you step foot on my estate!

    fuck all you london rappers you all suck dick, with your shit rhymes!

    go and lick each others balls you shit fuckers!

    UK team for life!

    Jehst can suck my balls!

    Lyrican    Jun 12, 05:34 AM   
  6. Jemini is a real MC

    It is a shame he has been in the game so long and people still don’t know who he is

    I would love to work with this guy in the future if possible

    I love his track ‘Brooklyn Kids’.

    The beat is top knotch!

    Unknown    Jun 12, 05:49 AM   
  7. jemini is mad ill he go skillz and it is wut it iz hattaz try 2 hate while criatorz inovate like brooklyn kids them still not ready 4 da sharp flow n beat is headd -knockin bronx n queenz in da house n brazil is where da illest of da illest come from so this is a comment gun talk is wut we be droppin yall wif!!!!zulu

    strategikuno    Jun 12, 09:03 PM   
  8. Jemini is very talented and i can’t believe that back in ‘95 this EP didn’t launch him. Some of the best rap from those times i’ve heard. Oh well the album with him and DM is amazing and they are coming out with another one soon so atleast he didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

    Tido Jones    Jul 11, 01:25 PM   
  9. If anybody has a copy of this EP “official” or otherwise holla at me.

    DJ Flash    Jan 17, 05:14 PM   
  10. Europeans talking shit about hip hop…that shit is funny. Keep that wack uk music to yourself. What’s that bullshit called? Grime or something? There is a reason why us artists go to japan or Germany first.

    j status    Sep 21, 07:06 PM   
  11. Jemini The Gifted One – Funk Soul Sensation “Scars & Pain” EP

    Sergio D.    Mar 30, 01:07 PM